Thursday, 12 June 2014

THE lipbalm

Totally brought this from blogger hype, not even gunna lie about it but I'm really glad I did. It's true what they say it really does smell like chocolate oranges, a smell I'm totally okay with. I suffer with kinda dry lips all year round as I'm pretty much dehydrated most of the time 'cause I don't drink enough *slaps wrist* so enough of making more of an effort to drink me like a normal person I thought I'd finally gave in and buy the infamous Reve de Miel which really is worth the hype.

From first use my lips felt softer and more hydrated, the smell is amazing and it lasts a long time on the lips and really sinks in where as I feel other cheaper lip balms I've tried tend to just rub off, this stuff is literally like a moisturiser for your lips. At £9.50 it's bloody expensive but you also get a fair amount of product and generally lip balms last me a long time. I love the frosted glass, it just feels high end and it was a nice treat to find whilst walking round marks and spencers. Props to them for introducing lots of different brands, I like M&S a lot better now it sells actual coke haha. - Amy x

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Laura Clarke said...

I swear by this lip balm - I've nearly finished my jar and will definitely be buying it again! x

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