Saturday, 7 June 2014



Saturday always means a 9.5 hour shift but luckily when I got home the weather was still glorious so I sat in the garden planning blog posts sippin' on my favourite tipple, lucozade original haha.

Peonies are my second favourite so to celebrate my good news I brought myself some as I'm normally cheap and don't spend over £3 on flowers cause I buy them so often, yes I buy myself flowers and I don't care! You don't need an excuse or someone to buy flowers, they are an instant mood boost and that's enough!

I definitely needed coffee to get through the day and I was surprised at how nice the Starbucks chilled skinny latte is, definitely getting that again!

The necklace is new and it's from my parents and my sister. About 4 and a half years ago now my necklace got stolen at my old work. It had a heart charm, my mums super old silver cross and a silver angel all the ladies in my close family got to remember my late cousin so I was pretty devastated. Anyways I found out, early because the Uni can't to anything right and put them up by mistake not that I'm complaining, that I got a 2.1 over all for my degree and my parents got me the necklace with the a heart charm and the exact angel I had before and my sister got me a silver cross. It's by far the most thoughtful and amazing gift I've ever been given and I'm so glad I have as close as I can get to my special necklace again.

So there you have it, a little post with 4 pictures that sum up Saturday! - Amy x

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