Sunday, 8 June 2014

My first Topshop cream blush and my favourite way to apply it.

I got this when I went to London a little while ago and swatched it, liked it and kinda forgot about it oops. However! I was watching a video, actually it may of been a blog post way to go memory where they applied their cream blush with a flat foundation brush and it looks so lovely so I went to wilko's, picked up their cheapest £1 foundation brush and gave it a go and I haven't looked back!

I'd of never of put two and two together but it just blends it in so beautifully, you really do look like you have naturally flushed cheeks but in a nice way, not the I'm too hot way! and to be fair to wilko's it's not a bad brush at all and it's pretty soft considering the price!

The cream blush I brought is called afternoon tea, at the time I didn't have any true pink blushes and this shade is just really pretty and girly which was exactly what I was after. It lasts really well, better than other cream formula's I've tried but on reflection I've only tried the maybelline mousse type ones and a cheap mua one so that's not the greatest of comparisons but anyways it lasts well and that's what matters! Normally blushes just slide off my face within a couple of hours, I really don't know what I'm doing wrong but this one probably lasted around 4/5 hours which is bloody good for me!

Have you tried a topshop cream blush or anything else from the topshop range? Give me some recommendations 'cause I wanna try more! - Amy x

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Zoe Archer said...

I haven't tried any of Top Shop make up, might have to just try some in the future. It looks such a pretty colour xx

Juliette Tulloch said...

I know the Lipsticks are supposed to be very good! Might try one of the cream brushes when I next visit Topshop, great post x

Nina Zane said...

The Topshop lipsticks are really good. I must dig out my blush not used it for a while- i just use fingers :)xx

Amy Tibble said...

Really want to try the lipsticks, just need to decide on a shade! x