Monday, 30 June 2014

Exploring London

As previously said because I had a week ticket for setting up my exhibition and graduation, I decided on the friday I would go and explore the sights of London I hadn't seen in a while or at all. Clearly the first step in exploring is comfy shoes and let me tell you trainers may not be the most fashionable but damn I was comfy!

First up I went on the emirates air-line and as I had my train ticket it was only £3. Now I'm scared shitless of heights so I'm really not sure why I decided this was a good idea BUT I'm glad I did it 'cause the views were incredible and I actually semi enjoyed it after getting over the shaking haha.

Next up I went to see tower bridge as I've seen it in pictures but never the real deal and it was quite a nice walk from london bridge station a long the river. Also near there is a little shopping center type thing and inside is a christmas shop which is nuts because it is not christmas but apparently this shop is there all year round! I also went to see the shard whilst I was there which is basically right next to/attached to london bridge station, you seriously have no idea you are even next to it until you look up and even then depending on what side you are you are not sure!

Next I got off at piccadilly circus to see the screen, always a buzz around this place. I then walked all along regents street. I had no idea & other stories was here and after hearing essie button talk about the store a lot I went in and had a nose and got the previously mentioned nail varnish. I definitely want to go back to buy some jewellery! I finally found the kiko store which happened to be just after the oxford circus tube exit so I didn't even need to go to piccadilly circus but oh well the walk was nice! Random image of the o2 that should of been at the start! Looks pretty impressive, I've never seen it in 'real life' before.

I also went on the sunday to go to the national gallery as I hadn't been since I was at school! It definitely brought back memories of GCSE art seeing monet, van gogh and constable in person again. Last but not least I headed over to southbank and across one of the bridges to get a sweet view of the eye and big ben!

Maybe that's given you some ideas if you are going to London soon as these, bar the air-line which is really cheap, were all free! Well unless you do some damage in the shops, oops! - Amy x

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PWhiley94 said...

I love London as a city there is so much to do and see, great pictures too.