Saturday, 14 June 2014

A smashbox primer dissappointment

I know there is another primer from smashbox that gets all the glory but that's no excuse for this rotter! The this in question is the photo finish targeted pores and line primer. I should of read some reviews before purchasing it but it was on clearance at work as my place of work doesn't sell smashbox as it's only an ickle one and was sent it in error so I thought okay half price I'll give it a go, must be good it's smashbox, oh I was wrong.

First off it is SO HARD to even get the product out of the packaging, some reviews I've read since have compared it to concrete which is a fair comment. Secondly I really didn't notice my pores being reduced, from the name I was expecting something like benefits porefessionals but nope. Thirdly once you've finally managed to get it out of it's packaging which looks nice but clearly isn't practical, you then come to apply it and it really doesn't blend nicely onto the skin at all, It really tugs and highlights my dry patches and makes them worse from all the friction - not impressed! Fourth point, It really didn't make my foundation look nice at all, so much so I had to start again as the primer didn't allow for the foundation to be blended in as there was just so much friction if you get what I mean, it was physically pulling my skin, as well as the foundation coming off as soon as it was put on and making the dry patches peel which sounds gross and was!

Basically I really wouldn't recommend this at all. I still like smashbox, I have a lovely set of their lip glosses which I'm really impressed with and I do still want to try their infamous primer but this one hell no do not waste your money!

If you have this and enjoy it let me know and tell me how you use it to make it work for you, as full price this stuff is £22 so I paid £12 but that's still a fair amount of money wasted hey! - Amy x

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