Wednesday, 11 June 2014

A little yes to love affair

So I was wondering round one of the bigger boots near where I live a few weeks a go and came across an offer on yes to products being a 1/3 off.  I wanted to try one of each of what was there so I went for the wipes option! these were £2.66 each, normally £3.99.

Left to right:
yes to grapefruit correct and repair exfoliating wipes which I thought would have more grit if you know what I mean but they didn't really have any at all but for a wipe they do a pretty good job as I can feel tiny tiny beads which makes sense as they can also be used for cleansing and smell amazing. Anything that says it's brightening goes in my basket too!
yes to cucumbers soothing facial wipes which are really cooling and are great for in the evening to really calm your face from all the days stresses, smell nice too and remove make-up. Lovely gentle on the skin wipes for lazy days aka nearly every day for me oops.
yes to blueberries age refresh cleansing wipes are apparently for anti aging but I ignored that as I love the smell of blueberries and these are actually really good cleansing wipes, they are quite wet which I prefer as I actually does it's job, they feel soft on the skin and give added moisture.
yes to carrots nourishing cleansing wipes which are the fragrance free option and just feel really fresh and nicer than your average baby wipe/cheap cleansing wipe.

I wouldn't pay £3.99 each normally but I'd definitely buy them again on offer as they are wet so actually do something, don't tug on my skin and just generally feel nice, fresh and like they are actually doing something for my skin!

Have you tried any yes to products? What are your recommendations? - Amy x

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Bella Land said...

I have heard multiple people rave about these so would love to give them a try! x