Thursday, 29 May 2014

REVIEW: Soap & Glory DR SPOT

So this product is some kinda witch craft I tell you. 'cause I've been so stressed recently I've been getting a lot of spots in the chin area which normally whatever I use last over a week and are those painful under the surface ones for about 4 days before they let loose which is actually really annoying.

Anyways I was looking for a new spot treatment as I was at my wits end and I spotted the Soap & Glory DR SPOT being at a 1/3 off in boots a couple of weeks ago now I think. It still is on a 1/3 off at £5.33 instead of £8 but to be honest it was that good I'd pay £8! Simple, clear packaging, I love the name and a clear gel like substance which feels cool and calming on the skin. I also have sensitive skin and didn't feel like it irritated it or caused any other issues what so ever.

I put this on and it took only two days until the spot was gone and it really relieved the pain that under the skin spots can cause.  I've never used something for spots that has worked so quickly and efficiently, I really am super impressed. So if you have any troublesome spots you want to get rid of this is definitely the stuff for you, even if you've tried a load of stuff that's not worked like I did, you never know this could work for you like it did for me! - Amy x

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PWhiley94 said...

Soap and Glory products are really impressing me at the moment, I need to try this spot cream out great review.


Amy Tibble said...

I read reviews before and thought it sounded too good to be true but it really does work! x