Saturday, 31 May 2014

REVIEW: Hourglass ambient lighting blush in ethereal glow

Queue unnecessary packaging images 'cause it's just so beautiful! Anyways! I've been slowly gathering my dream graduation make-up ready for the big day and this was the final piece of the puzzle. I associate special occasions with what make-up I was wearing and when I wear it again it reminds me of that time so that's what I wanted for my graduation, hence my crazy purchase! Now I have never ever ever in my life spent this much on a blush, the most expensive thing beauty wise I've brought was the naked 3 palette and I could justify that as it had 12 eye shadows so divide the price yada yada but £28 (from space nk) for a blush is a new high for me or low as my mum may think haha! I was reading reviews of them and people had brought 3 or 4 which is just crazy to me, anyway I am glad it's now mine! *looks dreamily at my precious*

So this blush is beautiful. They are all custom, as in no swirl/combination of product is the same if you get what I mean so some have more of the blush colour, some have more of the ambient lighting powder. As you can see mine is leaning more towards the ambient lighting powder side which makes it a super pretty light pink glow which means I will use this as more of a high lighter. Some of the reviews said about this being the case that you may not get as much colour but as ethereal glow has such a light pink in it, with probably I think the lightest ambient lighting powder too, it actually doesn't matter as it is the perfect highlighter and can be used all over without looking out of place too. It actually just reminds of the mood light ambient lighting powder to be honest. It really gives that glow from within look and makes me just look really healthy if that makes sense. It is super soft and just gives your skin that flawless look. The packaging is so luxe as you'd expect.

So overall although it's bloody expensive and I have more of a highlighter/all over powder than a blush I'm actually still really happy I brought it. To be honest with you I wanted one of the ambient lighting powders but didn't wanna spend the extra tenner so win win hey haha. When people describe them as beautiful they really are! I am in love with a blush, I don't care who knows it and on my graduation my skin is sure to positively glowing.

Seems like review after review lately! I hope you are finding them helpful/interesting and If not I have my summer lips and nail picks in the pipeline so look out for them! - Amy x

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Ginger said...

I love these blushes. I have one called Diffused Heat. I want to get this one to add to my collection.

Leanne Webber said...

Want one of these so badly!
Just so hard to choose with shade but this one looks beautiful.
Great post

nailsandteapots xx

Elese D said...

I think I'll get this for my graduation! They really do look beautiful xx

Amy Tibble said...

definitely and generally a graduation only happens once so why not! x

Amy Tibble said...

I want another one too!

Amy Tibble said...

Yeah, I'd advise looking in a store as each is different even if it says it's the same shade x

Becky Gordon said...

This blush and the others in the collection look so amazing!! I just don't know how I could justify the price tag :( although graduation is a very good excuse xx