Saturday, 3 May 2014

Cheap clearance make-up at Tesco! L'Oréal, Rimmel, Maybelline, Collection

Sorry for the phone image but in my hast for letting you guys know about these deals that's all I had time for. I've seen a couple more posts about this but if you live around the hampshire region then I can confirm the cheap make-up goodies are here too and it does appear to be nationwide. I first read about some reductions on the '10 ways to have more money as a student without working' facebook page and have seen a couple of blog posts already.

I'm guessing the stores are having a change around and new releases are coming in so they need to make room as there seems to be a lot of clearance stuff/deals to be had in various shops of late. The maybelline super stay lip colours are in prune plaisir and hot brown and where a measly £2.30 something, I can't say whether any more are reduced, there was a label with the clearance price on the hot brown but not the prune plaisir, I just took it to the till as I'd read that it was also clearance. The L'Oréal infaillible shades were £1.75 and all of them were reduced. The L'Oréal BB blush was only £2 and there was a mascara reduced to £2 something but it was out of stock but maybe you'll have some luck at your local store. The rimmel kate moss lipstick was only £1.37 and this, 113, was the only shade as far as I could see however there were a couple of color rush balms reduced they were just out of stock at my local store. The maybelline nail varnish in taupe couture was only £1.04 and was the only one reduced as far as I could see. The collection nail varnish was only 49p! in the shade milkshake and a lot of other shades were also reduced. There were other various things from different brands and more from these brands, you just have to keep your eyes pealed for the yellow labels!

As you can see these are pretty big reductions, the L'Oréal blush is normally £8 and it's something I've wanted for agessss! Pretty pleased with myself haha so I just wanted to let you guys know too so you can take advantage of tesco's randomly generous reductions! - Amy x

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daisy walters said...

Oh wow!!! I was in Tesco earlier but forgot to have a look. Defo going to go back!!
xxx | daisydaisyxxo

Aspiring Londoner said...

Great bargains! My tesco didn't have anything decent and people had opened most of the stuff :-( xx