Sunday, 25 May 2014

carpe diem

My sister got me this book from Urban Outfitters yesterday and I thought it was super cute so I'd share it with you guys. It's a little book, £4.99, called Carpe Diem make the most of life and it's absolutely jam packed full of positive and motivating phrases. I can picture myself if I'm having a rubbish day just having a flick through this and it making me feel better. I looked through all of it last night and it really gave me some get up and go! unfortunately it was bed time haha but I really enjoyed reading all the sayings and it was such a thoughtful little book for my sister to buy for me.

Have you got anything like this? Do you think something like this would lift your mood? - Amy x

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BeautyyByChloe said...

This is such a cute book I love it!

Lou Bluebird said...

AAH! I love books like this! Thank you for introducing me to a knew one :D Have you seen 'instant happy' by Karen Salmansohn, it's similar to this so you might like it?

Lou x
Bluebird | Beauty and life blog