Sunday, 11 May 2014

Another tesco's make-up bargain haul

A few er *cough cough* more things that I brought from tesco's which were heavily discounted! Again you should definitely have a look because whenever I have a look more stuff has been added so if you didn't see anything the first time maybe there will be something new!

The maybelline super stay lipstick is in the shade peach cocktail, it is such a gorgeous colour for £2.24, two others were reduced as well. Next I got the colour rush balm in rumour has it for £1.49 and there was another one I believe called give me a cuddle that was reduced also but was out of stock. I then for the 2 in 1 protect and 7 in 1 saviour L'Oréal polish for £1.50 each. I got the rimmel lipgloss for £1 something and the apocalips in luna, a lovely peach shade for £1.50 and there were about four others that were reduced. I also got the purple scandaleyes shadow stick which I thought would be a really obvious purple but it's kinda a blackened purple that looks really nice for £1 something I believe. I got two L'Oréal nail varnishes for £1.25 each, really pretty colours and there were quite a few reduced. I also picked up the maybelline lipstick in fatal red, such a nice colour and there were a couple of other ones reduced too. Finally I got the collection ultimate fix in medium as its the perfect consistency to use for contouring which is something I want to have a good go at and it was only £1.25.

pleased as punch with my finds! there are also some great bargains on clearance at my nearest boots so maybe check your local one too! I didn't NEED any of this stuff and some may say yes it's reduced but why not saved the money since you didn't need it but damn the bargains made me happy haha. All of it came to around £16 quid I think, maybe less as I did buy other stuff but £16 is ridiculous considering full price that would get you two to three of these products! - Amy x

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daisy walters said...

I went to Tesco on Friday and loads of things were discounted but guess what.. ALL SOLD OUT!!

xxx | daisydaisyxxo

Holly Bissell said...

Great Haul!!
I'm loving a beautiful red lip at the moment in our cooler weather in Australia the rimmel one look good!
xo Holly xo