Saturday, 26 April 2014

So I got a new car...

As you can tell by the title, I got a new car! well new to me and it's one heck of an upgrade! I feel like when I write a blog post I'm writing to an online family so I guess I just felt a need to share my happiness with you guys!

My old car had no electrics like it was I guess the Nokia 3310 of the car world, a spade is a spade, a car is a car ya know. Well my old car, I say old the poor guy (he's called garry, that's him on the left) is still on the drive waiting to go on eBay whilst my new baby sits smugly next to him. I used to have a micra and I still have a micra it just has everything electric, windows, mirrors, sunroof and air-con, an intelligent key, it's crazy different, quite the upgrade and the shape ugh it's beautiful. I also got really excited about the fact it has cup holders hahah.

So my dad is literally amazing and brought me this car. I'm proud to say I'm not one of those spoilt kids even though it may look as if I am now, I buy the majority of the material things I have, bed, computer, decorating, toiletries, petrol ectect but like my dad is literally amazing and the most giving person and for him to know I have a car that I am super happy with, overwhelmingly so, my face said it all haha, I guess as a dad that makes him happy. He has sacrificed a lot for his family, I'm one of three kids and children aren't cheap let a lone a boy and twin girls! and my dad, as well as my mum have always been there and have made sure we are all stable and happy and for that I will be forever grateful. Basically on thursday the idea was mentioned and by saturday when I came back from work the beauty was on the drive! I am kinda obsessed with micra's, I like cars with curves haha. I always knew that's what I wanted my first car to be and I'd always kinda known that's what I would carry on getting as It's been the most enjoyable car to drive and the freedom driving gives you and the memories you make with your first car are just incomparable! For example driving up to my cousins wedding, going to monkey world and lulworth with my sister, doing lifts for my sister and the shenanigans that entailed haha, passing just before I started Uni and driving for the very first time to uni on my new adventure! I guess it's kinda poignant to be getting a new car now as soon enough, in fact very soon, I will be leaving Uni and starting a new chapter all over again.

So yeah everyone meet Bezz. He's called Bezz because of Bez from happy monkeys and the fact I think he is randomly a G, I know I'm weird, I just like his straight talking and devil may care attitude, and my Bezz (yes my car) is straight up the most G thang I've ever ever had because well cup holders and electric windows when I've been used to winding down my own windows and balancing drinks on my seats hoping they don't fall, let alone air-con! you know haha. Also my dad got this car like 100 meters away from where he brought his car and ended up filling my car up at the exact same petrol station after asking the guy where the nearest one was and then my dad realised where he was. Weirdest thing is, this car was clearly meant to be mine, It was registered on my birthday, out of all of the days of the year it was my birthday that It was registered on and out of all the the places and garages it was so near and the exact same petrol station my dad filled up his jag after finally buying another one after having to give his two up when my mum was first pregnant all those years ago with my big bro!

So yeah I'm just gunna sit here smiling to myself thinking about how bloody lucky I am and how amazing my family is. - Amy x

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