Wednesday, 16 April 2014

REVIEW: some of the Rita Ora collection for Rimmel

This collection for me was definitely a mixed bag for me. I absolutely love the colour rush balms and one of the new shades make me blush is just beautiful as you can see above. The balms have great pigmentation and feel really lovely on the lips and there is a really nice shade range.

The nail varnishes on the other hand were not what I was expecting. I haven't used the 60 seconds Rimmel nail varnish for quite some time but have always read favourable reviews. When I'd swatched the pink shade, loose your lingerie, It seemed as if the formula was really good, opaque in two coats and the swatch I did on one of my nails lasted really well as previously said in my mini hail review. However after sitting down to use both the loose your lingerie and the mint shade breakfast in bed, the polish applied really gloopy and wasn't nice to work with at all. I love the shades, they are beautiful, but the formula I don't know the jury's out. I am gunna give it another go as when I went back to do another swatch again for this above pictures the formula wasn't gloopy at all. I think it may of been that I had my fan on whilst I was painting my nails and it made it dry quicker than it should of?  I don't know but I hope it was just a fluke.

Overall I love the colour rush balms but not too sure on the polish but the shade range is pretty good for a celebrity collection and are really on trend like the lovely lady Rita Ora herself. - Amy x


Natalie said...

try MUA Pistachio Icecream nail polish, it's pretty much the exact same colour as Breakfast in Bed, totally recommend it if you find the Rimmel one too goopy!


Amy Tibble said...

Thanks for the tip, I'll have a look for that one tomorrow although I may just treat myself to essie mint candy apple! x