Saturday, 26 April 2014

REVIEW: Revlon Parfumerie scented nail enamel

Being the nail varnish addict that I am and having tried the models own scented nail varnish and loving it, I HAD to try these. Above are three nail varnishes from the Revlon Parfumerie scented nail enamel range. It's not often you see such a huge collection from a range of new polishes, 20 in all, there literally is a scent/colour/finish for everyone and I believe they come in different categories, fruit and floral, fresh and sweet and spicy.

I chose the three pictured above as I really loved the colours and thought they'd work well together. I kinda had to guess what the scent may smell like from the names as they smell when the polish it dry, I mean there's a slight hint from the bottle but for health reasons I wouldn't go sniffing nail varnish!

From left to right: Lime Basil, Ginger Melon and African Tea Rose.

By the looks of it I've managed to pick all of them from the fruit and floral category but what can I say, that's just me! They are opaque in two coats, have a really nice finish and they actually do smell and really good might I add. As you can see the colours I picked are perfect for summer but there is a whole host of colours to choose from, one I really want is called Bordeaux and it's a beautiful deep burgundy perfect for autumn when the time comes and it smells like wine! mmhmmm!

Paper isn't the best swatching material but I'd not long done my nails so didn't want to take them off! The colours are a little more vibrant and as I said opaque and fully wearable in two coats. I really love these, they have a really nice formula to work with, great colours, last well and most importantly their 'gimmick' is actually there, they do smell and not just a hint, they genuinely smell, obviously not as strong as perfume so don't worry perfume lovers but they are super nice! It also makes me look really weird when I'm sat sniffing my nails at work but whatever they smell good!

Have you tried these? Any other scented nail varnish I should try? - Amy x

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Miss Louise said...

haha, saaaame! I feel like a freak when I'm sniffing my nails when I where these! Still, they're so nice and cute! Love them!