Friday, 18 April 2014

Recent nail looks using my new purchases featuring Maybelline's new bleached neons nail varnish

For this mani I used the nail varnish as pictured. The new barry m birthday polish for superdrug is AMAZING, it is so so beautiful. I also really love the maybelline bleached neons, the pink is called tropink and the yellow with a hint of orange is called sunflare, they stand out a lot more than this image shows, perfect for spring/summer to add a pop of colour and the formula is really good, as you can see application is super smooth. The formula is that good I want the other two! In case you are wondering the new bourjois instant dry drops really do work, I'm so glad I got them!

For this mani I used the maybelline colour show nailvarnish in bare it all and the new barry m top coat from the aquarium collection. I also used hole punch strengtheners to create the half moons choosing not to paint my nails fully before hand as I really like how the negative space designs look so this was a simple introduction to that.

Next up I used the collection nail varnish I got as a gift with purchase called peacock green and the other new barry m top coat from the aquarium collection. I absolutely love the new barry m collection it's so striking and the top coats really add something to any nail polish.

Where do you look for inspiration for nail art/looks! I love browsing instagram! - Amy x

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