Monday, 21 April 2014

Disappointing products with a couple that may surprise!

 I've said a couple of times I have this post coming and here it is! It's not often I buy a product and end up not liking it as I do my research ect and when I do I tend not to feel that strongly to say, I'll kind of just 'get through it' and use the product up haha these, well bar the brush, I just cannot use at all which is a massive annoyance and shame! I've tried to love these products for a good while now but I just can't okay!

First up is said brush, It's my first mac brush  I got from a blog sale. It's the mac 219 but it's a limited edition version, I did look it up but I can't remember gah. I also can't remember how much I paid, so helpful, I think it was £5 so I'm not gunna cry about it! Anyway the brush itself is lovely, not the softest but it is the perfect shape for bronzer for my face but the shredding my god the shredding. I have real techniques brushes which literally don't shred but this boy does it shred and it's not the best picking brush bits off yo face! but alas it isn't completely unusable either.

Next up is the revlon waterproof lash potion mascara. I love how this mascara makes my lashes look and I'm positive if I had gotten the normal one it would of been fine but the waterproof nope no not at all. It makes my lashes super dry and yukky like they feel they may just break off in my hands and when my lashes feel like this it makes me want to just pick all the mascara off which then leads to my lashes actually coming off which is bad, very bad! I would probably give the normal version a chance but I've brought a couple since I am a lot happier with so maybe in the future.

Then it's a No7 stay perfect lip colour in coral rose. Normally the formula of these are great, great application and staying power but this one just isn't like that at all. It looks super patchy on and just slides about. The colour is beautiful so it's a real shame. 

This one may shock but it's the L'Oréal true match foundation. The colour is perfect for me but my skin just hates this stuff. I have dryness on my cheeks and forehead and this stuff literally acts like a beacon for it! I've tried lathering hydraluron on, exfoliating and my skin just does not like this stuff at all. I had such high hopes for this stuff so I'm pretty bummed!

Next up is the infamous peaches and clean from soap and glory. This didn't do it for me at all. It made my skin tingle which for me is never a good sign and I just didn't think it did a good job of getting my make-up off at all. I think I'm a bit allergic to soap and glory stuff as I had an allergic reaction to a soap and glory foundation so I'm a little weary but I love the hand maid, hand food and archery for my brows. I also recently got the orangasm body wash so I'll see how my skin reacts to that. It smells so good wah.

This next product REALLY disappointed me like ouch my face after I used it. It's a face mask from No7 called a pore vacuum mask and it's one you are mean't to peel off. I think it took me about half an hour to get the bloody thing off and my skin was red raw and was burning from having to tug so hard to get the damn thing off so I saw zero benefits and pain so yeah I'd give that one a miss!

Finally another product that may surprise is the Charles Worthington texturising spray. Again a product I had high hopes for but for me it just feels like I've sprayed hair spray on my hair and it feels really crusty, leaves a trace and doesn't give that much volume for me. There is nothing worse than spraying a product to improve your hair and it completely ruining it but hey maybe I was unlucky and it's a duff bottle!

What a depressing post haha but I always prefer to read a variety of reviews and if someone hasn't enjoyed a product and I can relate to their skin/hair type then that's helpful for me so maybe this will help someone else! Any products that have disappointed you recently? - Amy x


Lauren Brodie said...

I'm not the only one that hated true match! It just would not work for me either! Love these types of posts, they give me ideas on what to steer clear of!

Jessica Barnes said...

I love these kind of post's! I've not had any experiences with these products but the mask sounds awful! Hope your skin was ok after, Jess xx