Friday, 25 April 2014

Day out in London part two: Haul

I could of done a lot more damage but this is my poor attempted at being 'good' whilst shopping in London trying hard to contain myself and putting stuff back!!

First up above is a beautiful necklace I brought from primark. It was from their limited edition range and at £8 is pricier than primark normally is but I thought it was too beautiful not to buy and feels really chunky and good quality so I feel it's worth it's £8 price tag and the light blue ugh so pretty!

I knew as soon as I went into topshop on oxford street a blusher of some sorts was mine! After having finally found the cosmetics section going from the top, right the way to the bottom of the shop to the top again I was finally able to choose and settled on a cream blush in the shade afternoon tea. I've read so many glowing reviews of the topshop blushers and this name rang a bell and is just such a gorgeous pink. I also saw lucy from eastenders in there, well she got murdered on the show so I guess shes not in eastenders any more but it was funny as someone shouted out she dies on friday! as when I saw her it was the thursday before her death was shown on eastenders, funny the inappropriate things kids say!

I spied the lush shop in waterloo station on my way out heading to my first exhibition so I knew exactly where I was going before I went home! I decided I NEEDED the golden egg bath bomb, I got a bubble bar to try as I've only tried bath bombs and the lip scrub from lush before and then I got a cute little robot bath bomb too!

I got this top from primark too on Tottenham Court Road. The 3D  flowers drew me too it, it's so lovely! This was £8 and again from primark I'd expect this to be around £6 but I really liked the flowers so had to have it! It is cropped so I wear it over a longer black strappy top to fit my own personal style.

Again from primark this lovely scarf for the reasonable price of £4. It is SO SOFT, like really weirdly soft for the material it is. It also has such a lovely pattern and I love the vibrant neon pink, It was really lift a plain black outfit.

After Lily Melrose saying numerous times how good the primark nails are I had to pick up this pair in a cute daisy print as there is no way I could do nail art that good on my own nails! I also got some melody pops as I saw them and was instantly taken back to my childhood!

Last but by no means least I brought this gorgeous headband, again from primark. It was £4 and from the limited edition range also. I don't think £4 is so bad for this as it is heavily embellished and looks so pretty on. I brought it to wear with the pink asos dress that I've blogged about wishing I could get for my graduation, well my mum and nanny actually brought it for me! Well they brought me two dresses and I'm actually wearing the second dress I got for my graduation and this for my cousin's wedding but that's for another time!

I'm super pleased with the stuff I got. The primark limited edition accessories are just beautiful, it's a shame I haven't seen them anywhere else as I went to the southampton primark the other day which is huge and didn't see the range there. Have you been any where nice recently and brought stuff? Link me I love to have a nosey! - Amy x

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