Thursday, 24 April 2014

Day out in London part one: shopping and exhibitions

Last week on Thursday I went to London. It's only about an hour or less on the train so not too bad at all! The main reason was that I needed to check out some photography exhibitions for my current project at Uni for research to shove in my sketchbook! It just so happens the photographers gallery is just off of oxford street so shopping happened too! I took a few pictures to show you guys and just tell you about my day as it was rather lovely and perhaps one of the exhibitions may interest you! The london haul will come tomorrow otherwise there will be far too many pictures! These are just phone pictures apart from the last two that were from my ickle compact camera.

The first photography I captured and the one with the reflection of me is from the Andreas Gursky exhibition at the Sprüth Magers gallery, nearest tube green park. I really enjoyed this exhibition as it was included early work by Gursky and seeing a massive image when you've only seen his work in books and on the internet is mind blowing. It also made me realise the limits of prints as the images were grainy but the sheer size and content really made it something. The gallery however felt really stuffy and I felt like I shouldn't be there as when I doubled checked with someone where the entrance was they just glared at me so yeahhh.

The next photograph of the London buildings in a circle is from an exhibition, called from the road again, held at the Eleven gallery, nearest tube victoria. I loved this exhibition, It was my favourite of the day. The lady was really nice and said if I had any questions to just ask. There were seats where you could sit down and look through the artists books that were included in the show. I found someone who's work I really loved I hadn't heard of before so that in itself was a great experience as well as being able to see actual prints in person.

The next image is of a section of Ealing, trying to find places with your phones map system is hard work!!  The next two images are of the exhibition I was in Ealing to see called scene held at the PM house and gallery. It was a mixture of mainly photographs, sculpture and performance. The tv had a performance of someone attempting to sing a hymn and kept messing it up, the artist was looking at her own culture. The things that look like ponds you see are scaled models of lakes in the lake district and the images are multiple projects. My favourite set of images were taken very near to where I live of streets, you can see in each of the square sections in the collage are those images. I know to some it might not be the most exciting exhibition but I love work that looks at their own surroundings, identity and how they relate to it and view their work as an exploration of place and self.

Obviously I had to walk down southbank after arriving at waterloo from Tottenham court road and having some time to spare before my train. I love all of the street performers, there is a real buzz about the place. For Easter they have carrots hanging in the trees and there was a display with bunnies and eggs where the London eye is anchored to the ground, it really was very cute! I also past the royal festive hall which is where my graduation is being held so that made me feel more than a bit sick as it is huge!! So there you go that was my day and tomorrow I'll put up my haul included purchases from topshop, primark and lush!- Amy x

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Wow, your photos are gorgeous!
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