Wednesday, 23 April 2014

A growing collection of Revlon matte and lacquer balms (shameless, elusive and demure)

So much love for these so I decided to buy two more matte balms that I had been lusting after and one lacquer balm finally which is beautiful!

From left to right is shameless, a gorgeous deep purple that reminds me of mac's heroine. Next is elusive, such a beautiful slightly darker dusty pink. Lastly a lacquer balm in the shade demure which is think is the most perfect name it really is demure and a lovely every day shade just to add that extra bit of summin' summin' to your make up look, I think it would be perfect over other lipsticks too.

I had been searching for shameless for agessss as at £7.99 it's quite a bit cheaper than a mac lipsticks. All Revlon balms are £7.99 but there are always deals on them to just check boots or superdrug ect to get the best deal.

The formula is so on point. The matte balms have a great staying power and actually I was impressed with the lacquer balm too, it obviously doesn't last as long but it fades evenly into a nice light stain so you don't get any embarrassing lipstick fading moments!

If you have been umm and ahhing about whether to join the bandwagon on these seriously do. They are up there with the best lip release of 2014 for me, Bourjois rouge edition velvet liquid lipsticks coming in joint as Revlon has a better shade range but I do like how the Bourjois lipsticks apply just slightly over Revlon's but the velvet lipsticks are liquid and Revlon's are crayons so two different kettle of fish.

Basically what are you waiting for, at least try one! I also love the minty scent mmhmm - Amy x

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Mia Brielle said...

Lovely post! Those colors look wonderful though I don't know if I'm daring enough to try that deep purple. I've been on the fence about trying these but I've heard so many great things about them that I have to get one... Xx

Christianne Sheehan said...

Loved this post! Always been a fan of Revlon lip products - definitely going to go out and buy one of these now! Check out my blog - xo