Sunday, 2 March 2014

REVIEW: Soap and Glory Kick Ass concealer, It's love.

Picture heavy post I'm sorry but at least you can actually see what I'm talking about hey! After I'd said at the end of my last post I think it was that I'd brought the Kick  Ass concealer someone asked what I thought of It so I thought hey why not make it my next blog post!
I'd seen sooooo many reviews on this little product and I know as soon as I got into boots, this and L'Oréal true match foundation was on my radar! I can really see why this product is so loved! I got it in light and it really matches my skin tone well. The under eye part, step one, everything is labelled with instructions handy hey! is the perfect under-eye concealer as it is pinky in tone so really works to brighten and combat those pesky dark circles. Also It isn't drying and used with the setting powder it does not crease at all! something I've had trouble with when I have used the seveteen phwoarr paint. It has a really nice consistency and texture and is really easy to blend in. Step one is the left swatch on the image above.

The step two, more yellow toned concealer for blemishes again is fantastic. Not drying at all, doesn't stick to dry patches or draw even more attention to spots as I've had some concealers do that in the past and again doesn't crease. It's also such a good match for my skin tone and just dabbing it in works a treat to cover up any imperfections. Step two is the right swatch on the image above. 

Step three, the finishing powder, well S&G saved the best for last. It is the smoothest, softest powder I have ever used and it sets the concealers like a dream.

The packaging is fantastic as it's everything you need all in one place. Perfect for on the go as you have a powder that you could use for an oily t-zone, if a blemish pops up your covered and If it's been a really long day and you still have to go out in the evening you've got the brightening eye concealer just to make you look that bit more awake and refreshed, saying that though the lasting power of the concealers and powder dream team is really rather great so maybe you wouldn't even need a top up but you would be safe in the knowledge knowing this ickle dream team is tucked away in your bag as it really is the perfect size to pop in your hand bag.

Over all I am so impressed with this and I really am so so so so so so glad I got it as I hate faffing around in the morning with various concealers that do various jobs, then I've lost one and well it's just effort! So this really is the perfect triple product! Don't get me wrong I still love my Bourjois healthy mix concealer but if I'm in a rush or need to grab something 'cause I'm that late I need to do my make-up in my car when I get to my destination, I'll be reaching for Soap and Glory's Kick Ass concealer all the way! 

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PWhiley94 said...

MY Best friend's swears by this product, I love soap and glory products so I'm sure this didn't disappoint. Great review!