Saturday, 29 March 2014

REVIEW: Natural Collection cream blush

I have so much love for this little cream blushers, swatches are in the order of the product pictures above. It goes from straight out the tube to kind of blended out but it is more natural than that I just wanted to show you the shade properly. We have naked glow which I would say is a subtle mix between peach and slight hint of pink, very natural pretty shade. Then rosy pink, obviously had to be a pink in the line up and again a very pretty natural shade. Lastly Apricot blush, slight peachy well apricot hah and bronzey look and again very natural looking.

Packed with pigmentation these are not but what they are is the perfect collection of blushes for a really natural hint of colour. Super easy to apply and blend, there's no danger of over applying these. Definitely build-able and wear time isn't bad considering the price, just £1.99 each and Natural Collection is normally either 3 for £5 or 3 for 2 so really what have you got to loose! I can't find a link for them online but every boots I've gone into they have had them. I believe there may off been another shade leaning more towards bronze which I'm guessing I just didn't like haha but I love these shades. Natural Collection is just a great brand. I love their mascara, their liquid eyeliner just reminds me of my teenage years and their powder blushes are lovely also. You've got a pink, pinky peach and a coral/bronze so what more could you want! Perfect if you are just starting out with your make-up collection as they are so so cheap!

Slowly getting through products I want to review so expect more to come! I also have a 'products I don't love' post coming, I don't think I've ever done something like that but after a while of testing various things I've come across a few stinkers so wanted to share as it may save you some money or you can tell me where I'm going wrong if I'm using the product in the wrong way and missing it's potential! - Amy x


Beth Graves said...

Thank you for this review! Even though I am in the US. It is nice to let people know that some of the cheaper makeup is great for beginners and you don't have to have high end makeup to start out your collection with. I have a new type of comment tag on my beauty blog I would love for you to check out, the title is Beth and Beauty's Funday Friday Comment Tag!

Abby Laura said...

These look perfect for me, I find it so hard to work with really pigmentation blush (its a struggle) so these will probably really help me xx

Abby |