Thursday, 13 March 2014

REVIEW: Bourjois CC eye cream in Ivory

I had high hopes for this. I guess I'm a little disappointed as it's not as amazing as I thought it would be with the whole colour correcting thing, I still prefer my Bourjois healthy mix eye concealer and soap and glory kick ass. However it is still a very nice concealer.

I guess this review is kind of a it's just okay one. In conclusion it's alright. It kinda colour corrects but not as much as I was thinking/hoping it would. It's light as it has more of a liquid foundation feel than my aforementioned two favourites so that will be a plus for summer. I really like the packaging as the nib has a rubbery feel and you twist at the bottom to bring the product up,  it's a nice applicator and easier to clean than a doe foot. The colour matches well to my complexion. It feels kinda cooling which is nice, I can imagine is being amazing for summer, putting it in the fridge and then using it ah heaven. One major plus I can say for this is that it did feel hydrating and wasn't drying at all. I guess I just like a thicker concealer but this is nice for when I want a lighter make-up day as it still gives enough coverage, just not as much as I'm used to. Nice one Bourjois for releasing it ahead of spring/summer! - Amy x

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Fridge idea's a good one! x