Sunday, 2 March 2014

Mini Benefit lovin' REVIEWS: chacha tint, posie tint, benetint, coralista, hoola and sugarbomb lipglosses plus badgal lash mascara

I got various benefit mini's for my birthday in November and the Christmas Holidays and I thought It was about time I showed them some lovin' as I really do love Benefit as a brand and there mini's actually seem to be lasting forever!

First up we have the benetint, posie tint and chacha tint. Swatch order is benetint, chacha tint and posie tint. I loveeee benefit's tints, I really want their new lolli tint but I think it's just a darker pint than posie tint to be honest! Apart from benetint which is very liquidy, is that a word?! the tints have the consistency of a lipgloss I would say. Texture wise they are smooth and very easy to blend, only thing is you have to work FAST! I did that swatch without them blended in as by the time I'd applied them and got round to taking the picture benetint had decided to already dry! but the rest are more forgiving. Such beautiful subtle colours and I'm really excited to use these a whole lot more and we transcend more into full on spring and to summer. Wear time is incredible, they do not budge!

Next on my lovin' list are these lipglosses. Swatches order is coralista, sugarbomb then hoola. When I was younger I used to love lipgloss in all it's sticky glory but as I got older I just found it an annoyance and would steer well clear! However I got these in the various sets I picked up and one free in a magazine and I was REALLY surprised by the formula. They are not sticky at all, which I didn't think was possible! so Thanks Benefit for converting me to a proud lipgloss lover. I love how they give you a subtle pop of colour or shimmer and work really well with lipstocks to add a it of shine. I think  my favourite is coralista and it's definitely something I'll be wearing as we go into spring/summer with my chacha tint and coralista blush - dream team!

Finally on my Benefit mini's lovin' list (wordful!) is the badgal lash mascara. Now I know this is a bold claim but I actually think I prefer this to the they're real mascara. Don't get me wrong I love my they're real but It can be a pain in the ass to apply and badgal lash goes on like a dream and gives me amazing volume. I haven't experiences any flaking and it's just really nice! I'd definitely but it full size instead of they're real next time.

So there you have it, a little review on some of my benefit minus. I have a whole make-up bag full of various bits so I may do another post If this one get's a good response :). I hope you have a lovely sunday! I know I will as I have a day off work and I get to see my ickle cousin as he is getting blessed, he's gunna look so cuteeeeee!

Also confession time. So payday came and I failed HARD with my spending ban, I didn't just buy the new seventeen blush, opps! so expect a few reviews I got L'Oréal true match foundation, soap and glory kick ass concealer, soap and glory archery and natural collection cream blushes. At least it was 3for2 guys! So I don't feel too bad and as I work all weekend, every weekend, 47 weekends of the year (as I get 5 off) god that's depressing, I wanted to spendzzzz. I have wanted that L'Oréal foundation for so long, oh my it's dreamy. Anyway! I hope you all have a good week! - Amy x


Lucy said...

The Boots 3for2 offer is the best and worst thing ever if you're trying to save money! Great blog post :) I love Benefit mini's, you can get so many in the sets for the price you would pay for one full sized product. I'm curious as to what you think of the Kick Ass Concealer? I bought it the other day and still trying to decide whether I like it or not.

Lucy xx

Lucy said...

Perfect hand back size. I love benefit lip tint, mascara and cheek highlight Lucy

Amy Tibble said...

I've now reviewed the kick ass concealer if you were curious! damn the 3for2 it got me again today haha x

Amy Tibble said...

Yes I have the full size high beam it is so beautiful! x