Sunday, 9 March 2014

insta update

walking through the mud for my uni project // all I could eat for a few days after I had my tooth out // having my tooth out and shitting a brick about having to wear a robe, have a band and be in an actual operating theater with 4 doctors/nurses, shit me up and I'm kinda scared of hospitals anyways 

daffodils to welcome spring // my dupe watch that I got half price from asos which will do me until I get either a real Marc Jacobs or Michael Kors one in June // using my lights for once to take some blog pictures

some post card art in my new desk/office corner // origami money for my mums birthday // zoella on the cover of company, had to buy that!

deciding which lipsticks make the cut // newly painted nails for work // lonely garry in the car park when I'd finished work! (my car)

So today was filled with nine and a half hours of work wahhh, watching tv with my family which was nice and trying to get more settled in my very different room since my dad installed my desk today woohoo. Give it a couple more sorting sessions and I think I'll be done and then off to ikea I go to get my lovely glass table/dressing table. In case you're wondering why I never really have pictures of people I'm not a loner honest haha I just hang around with people/my family don't like having their pictures taken so I tend to just focus on details yano, like the last time I took a picture with my sister was new years eve and that's cause she was drunk! To be honest with you I hate having my picture taken also, like if I have my picture taken I don't even wanna see it! You just have to respect that some people share/show more than others yano so that's what I do with my family and friends. So there you have it a re cap on the last couple of weeks of my life! It's kinda uni work, work, uni work, work and no life at the moment but hopefully it will all be worth it come June! - Amy x


PWhiley94 said...

I really need to buy the Zoella edition of Company. That watch is such a good dupe and i bet it was half the price.


Amy Tibble said...

£14!! x