Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Ikea haulin'

I hate motorways but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do so off I went to ikea dragging my dad a long with me! always nice to have someone in the car on a longish drive even if we had no music and my dad knows I don't like driving places I don't know haha.

I have the ikea website images to show you as I'm not quite done with my room just yet. I have one more place to tidy where I keep all my Uni work ect so that's quite the mess! but I love ikea and wanted to show you what I got as I did my room re-vamp on a budget so who knows maybe it will give you some inspiration!

 left to right, top to bottom:
laptop support in pink £3.50 // purple bowl £0.80 // bin £1 // storage boxes £1.90, £2.15 & £3.75 // plant pot x 2 £0.65 each // candle dish £1.75 // infamous skurar plant pots in pink and green £2 each // mirror £11 // glass/metal desk with shelf £30

As you can see I've linked everything for you and the prices are so reasonable! £11 for a mirror which is pretty big is a bargain. I really like the mosaic effect around it also, yes it's a mirror and functional but also decoration and a statement piece.
The desk is a crazy bargain, I use it as a dressing table and it looks so beautiful and is definitely my most favourite part of my re-vamped room.
The green storage boxes also come in other colours and have been invaluable for storing all my stuff that used to be in my drawers that was my dressing table. The colour is really pretty and I've labeled each one so everything is easy to find and they look lovely underneath the glass desk, it feels really open and makes my space feel bigger.
Random bowl there but I love a good sized bowl for my cereal! I'm actually using the 65p plant pots to store miniatures in so I can see them and hopefully use them! they were for my plants but were a bit big so I'm glad I've found another use for them!
The laptop tray was definitely an impulse buy but as I use my laptop while I'm sat in bed a lot and I'm kinda paranoid about it being on my duvet and fans getting blocked it seemed logical to get and much cheaper than others I've seen!
I love that the skurar plant pots have different colours, I already had a white one but as my room is basically all white it's nice to have pops of colour. One houses my eyeliners and the other make-up mini's. The skurar candle plate is so cute and perfect for photo background and keeping odd bits and bobs like camera memory cards in one place!
I also got a little glass with flamingos on, which I use for tea-lights, but I couldn't find that online. I nearly didn't get it as I dropped it and it smashed into tiny pieces at the till, I felt so bad, but luckily someone had left one by the till and the lady was lovely and didn't show she was annoyed or anything at all.

Obviously I stopped for a hot dog and free refill on the way out! The drive wasn't too bad, about an hour, my dad got a chest of drawers to, petrol wasn't as much as I thought it would of been so it was a really worthwhile trip!

What's your favourite thing from ikea? - Amy x


Cloey said...

The desk is perfect, that's such a bargain for something that looks so expensive! Excited to hear about how the room makeover is going?

The Student Blog x

PWhiley94 said...

I really want the laptop support, it's so cheap to. I love an Ikea haul.


Amy Tibble said...

I know I was surprised at the price! Room tour will be up tomorrow :) x

Amy Tibble said...

It's really good lots of grip! x

Elese said...

Need that desk in my life! We don't have Ikea in New Zealand so I'm very jealous x