Friday, 21 March 2014

Haulin' (models own, botanics, barry m & primark) & late #bloggerswlw update

So I needed to go shopping to pick up a stool for my room and to get a birthday present from my nanny for my dad, anyway! I accidentally went into primark and boots too oops! I couldn't resist as I went to a huge shopping center instead of just my local and there were so many new releases in boots! I restrained myself with what I did buy! I definitely still want the new barry m lip pencils things, the new gelly shades from them and the revlon perfume type nail varnishes oh and the benefit gimme brow would be nice! SWOON.

I got the necklace from primark for £4. I'd seen a few blog posts about how nice the new jewellery was in primark and I had to have a look. I absolutely love the necklace, so pretty and I can't believe it was £4, that's cheap for primark! I thought it was of been at least £5 or £6.

The models own speckled egg nail polishes were two for £8, normally £5 each and I got those with my boots advantage card. The amount of swatches I've seen, they just look beautiful and so opaque! On my nails in the picture is the shade dove, such a beautiful pink, they really do look like mini eggs and I always prefer nail polishes to have a lil summin summin so they stand out and these fit the bill!  The other yellowy shade one I got is called Goose, such a cute name! Can't wait to try that one out too. I only used two coats and normally with these types of polishes you have to use layer upon layer and actually I could of got away with one, so glad I got these!

Another thing that's been floating around the interwebs a lot is the new barry m aquarium collection. When I saw swatches I literally fell in love, they are so beautiful! The one I picked up is more of a topcoat called mermaid, again so beautiful! search online you'll find swatches. It comes out like shards of shiny blue green and gold pieces and just looks so nice! Barry m had a buy one get one half price offer on in boots at the moment so hence the lipstick.

The barry m lipstick is in the shade 155, pretty pink. I really wanted a brighter/bolder pink as I don't really have one in my collection as I'm a wimp and just end up going for a less in your face shade. I love this, I would say it has a matte, maybe leaning towards a satin finish but doesn't feel drying or really show up any flaws, it's actually a surprisingly good formula, reminds me of the revlon matte balms. I'll probably do a face of the day with this another time but yeah I love it and it's a perfect bolder pink for me. It can be dabbed on so there's less of an impact and you have more of a stain or applies super opaque, such a good find! It's not as out there as a baby pink, little bit darker but for me it's bold. I love wearing it dabbed on for that pop of colour.

Next up the botanics rose water toning spritz. These are currently a third off at the moment, as is the rest of the botanoics range, so I got this for £3.33 I think. It's a really nice toner, feels refreshing, great to use during the day just to freshen up your face and handy as it comes in a spray bottle. It says spray on wipe off but I've just tried it and I don't see the need to wipe it off as your face isn't soaked, I just dabbed it in.

Last but not least and as sad as I may sound, the thing I was most excited for, the sugar candy anti bac. I've looked in so many primarks for this stuff and today I finally found it! I use anti bac all the time to take off any make-up on my hands after I've applied it, I always keep one in my bag in case my drink explodes and I get sticky fingers which happens more than I'd like and also every now and then in the day just to give them a freshen up because like how toner feels on the face, It's like that but for your hands, lovely. IT SMELLS AMAZING. I have the regular cuticura ones you can buy I think it's mint and cucumber and then the pink one passion flower and mango plus soap and glory's version but this tops them all I wish I'd brought more oh the smell I tell you!

So yeah that was my naughty haul as I really didn't need any of it I just wanted to give myself a little reward which leads me nicely onto talking about #bloggerswlw!

I definitely did believe I could so I did. I decided to try again with slimfast on monday as I needed some routine back to really help me loose the weight. My graduation is coming by so quick, it's scary! and I want to wear the most prettiest dress so I need to work hard! Anyway since monday til today I shit you not I have lost 5 pounds! Hopefully you can sense my amazement through my words buy seriously hold the phone!! So it goes to show how much I really did need routine as I must of been over eating loads without even realising it! This is an amazing start again, as well as the pound I lost a couple of weeks ago to really achieving my goal of wearing that beautiful dress I dream of for my graduation day. Right now I am so pumped so it's onwards and upwards. My designated weigh in now day now is every monday. I've chosen this so I don't go nuts over the weekend and think oh that's alright I'll just starve monday and tuesday ready for wednesday's weigh in, which I did! So yeah I'm feeling positive and maybe I can loose even more than the 5 pounds I already have by monday for my 'official' weigh in. I literally could start singing I'm so excited!

Been on any naughty shopping trips lately? If you are a part of #bloggerswlw let me know so I can check out your posts for tips! - Amy x


PWhiley94 said...

I really want to try a few products from the Botanics range, I didn't know they had a discount on at the moment.


mooddressing said...

I'm very curious about the sugar candy anti bac. i'm going to search for it soon!

P said...

in love with that necklace! and only £4, great post

Amy Tibble said...

I have quite a few things from the botanics range and find they work really well with my skin! x

Amy Tibble said...

It smells so good, definitely hunt for it!

Olivia-Savannah said...

Wow... nice haul you got there! I have been hearing so many positive things about Models Own, as soon as I've seen them in the picture I had to click! I also have been hearing a lot about Barry M. I need to break into the nail brands because the only ones I own are Tiffany's but so far the higher the price the better quality of the polish as I've seen.

Amy Tibble said...

I was a bit dubious with the models own swatches I'd seen but they really are that good! I've always loved barry m too, their nail effects are always good.