Monday, 17 March 2014

Graduation Dress, fingers crossed

I did do a post on needing help with picking a graduation dress but whilst I was putting together the slideshow and going through everything I had looked at and then publishing the post this one dress wouldn't leave my mind and you know when you just know so hence that post went walkies.

This dress has to be multi-purpose as in the same week of my graduation I am going to my cousins wedding, extremely busy week as before my graduation I have my end of Uni degree show! more on that another time as I'm gunna do a post all about it and who knows maybe some of you will come as it will be in London and there will be lots of other exhibitions there, anyway! Here's the dress...

I don't normally go for light colours but I don't wanna look like the grim reaper in my gown and it means I can wear a black cardigan/jacket over it. Ugh it is just beautiful. The colour, the floaty bottom, the texture, the sheer top, the back is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen with a split looking like it's being done up with 3 big bows, I've fallen in love with a dress!

It's £65 from asos, I can't get it now but please hope for me that they still have it when I can buy it!!! It's not in the sale so fingers crossed. But yes, swoon and it's getting me really excited! Just one project, a degree show and a terrifying ordeal of my actual graduation happening and the Royal Festival Hall in London and It will all be over, I'll be a graduate! - Amy x


Rouge S said...

Gorgeous dress! I definitely think you can use it for graduation and your cousins wedding! Perfect bright colors because those will definitely be days you need something "happy" to wear so to speak! Congrats on graduating! its a fantastic feeling! xoxo


Amy Tibble said...

Thank-you! very excited x