Friday, 7 March 2014

Bedroom shape up mood board

These are some images that really stood out to me, stuff I have or am getting and how I want to display things, during the process of deciding how I wanted my room to look. In fact the bottom right image is the whole reason why I decided my room needed to change. I have an inbuilt awkward, well had, cupboard in my room. I didn't hang up my clothes they live in a chest of drawers so really it was just a cupboard full of shit so that image inspired me to think hey I could get rid of my desk that's basically the size of a bed and have a desk and shelves in the useless cupboard! and so the story began...

I've now brought a new chest of drawers which you can see above from littlewoods as they were the same price as the ikea ones and I preferred these ones! I also got a shaggy type rug in latte to make it feel more homely from little woods 60x110cm £15 bargain! I have an orchid and house plant, not the same as pictured but you get the idea for what I kinda like, they are that sort of vibe. I also have a quote wall I hand painted in my room which I knew I wanted to keep a long with a chalk board wall I have quotes on. The mouldyfruit image is great to show how I envisage storing at least some of my make-up as I want to get the glass desk in the picture above so will no longer have drawers unless I keep them underneath the glass desk which seems a bit pointless anyway! So I love the acrylic storage and want more of that but I'm thinking pretty boxes for everything else with inserts in them like that draw like a box for skincare (or two!), eyes, lips, bases ect. I love the idea of the cake stand it is so pretty! I have my orchid on a pretty plate and  jewellery on a plate with a bird on so I like that style of girly storage.

Unfortunately my desk/shelves wasn't done today it has to wait until the weekend, although I do have the desk part on top of a table so I can kinda use it cause I needed to use my PC but I will have to unplug/move everything friday eve ready for it to be properly installed! but so far I love ittttttt and the shelves will be a perfect addition.

I can't wait to do a proper room tour for you all! It will probably be before I can get the glass desk but I do actually like how I have all my make-up stored now so it's not as if I don't like what I have now as it's a white stained little wood chest of drawers and black floating shelf. But yeah there's a few more things to do until I can show you! Now back to sorting out all the crap under my bed and going through my make-up/skincare stash! I must of chucked AT LEAST 30 black bags of rubbish, not kidding.

Hope you can see from the images but the third row the far left and far right are from two blogs, left mouldyfruit and right Tatertots & Jello, so those are where they are from, top row the first two are littlewoods, furthest right is from ikea and the middle row and middle bottom I just found on google so if they are yours let me know and I shall credit :). - Amy x

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