Saturday, 15 February 2014

Revisited: My skincare routine for very dry skin featuring No7, Bontanics and Indeed Lab Hydraluron

         My skin has been a massive pain in the butt lately from having combination skin, to REALLY REALLY dry skin. I know skin normally gets dryer in the winter but the dry parts of my, then, combination skin had always been extremely dry, it had just got worse! whatever I seemed to put on it, it just wasn't getting any better until that is I found this dream team. I use this day and night as I find night creams feel too heavy on my skin.

For a cleanser I use the No7 beautiful skin cleansing balm that you just use your fingers to massage in and then just wipe off - easy hey! and this one is from their dry/very dry section. This is £9.50 from boots.

For toner I use the Bontanics cleansing toner all bright which is for all skin types and removers dirt and is meant to help brighten up your skin. This stuff really freshens my face up. I never really used toner a lot before but I love how clean and fresh it makes my face feel. This is £3.99 from boots.

Next I use hydraluron. I cannot express enough how much good this stuff has done for my skin. Now I know it's expensive and I would never normally pay that much for a skincare product, I did get it for £16 something as it had a 1/3 off but I would pay full price, £24.99,  for it in a heart beat because it is so good! The tops of my cheeks and nose were SO DRY and they were making whatever foundation I put on top of them look horrid because of my flaky skin but literally after one use of this stuff it made such a difference and with continuous use my skin feels plump, healthy and super hydrating like literally it's amazing. It's mean't to help your moisturiser be even more effective but to be honest with you I think it works on it's own too looking at the difference it makes before I've put my moisturiser on. It kinda makes me think well maybe I used spend more on my skincare considering how amazing this has been for my skin!

Finally for my moisturiser I use the beautiful skin day cream for dry/very dry skin. I popped this on my hand in boots and was literally like ooooo, It made my hand feel so soft and it definitely does that for my face too! It's so hydrating and since I've been using my new routine I haven't had flakey skin and this moisturiser along with the hydraluron are definitely two saviours. I have tried A LOT of moisturisers let me tell you (not the infamous origins ginzing but it's on my ever expanding wishlist!) and this is by a mileeee the best one I've used I love it! It's £12.50 from boots.

So yeah that's my skincare routine! I would love to try more toners so If you have any recommendations for ones that are around £5 because of my spending ban boo let me know! well I guess they can be more than that and I'll torture myself looking until May 8th haha.

- Amy x

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Jas Poole said...

I use the No.7 Cleansing Balm and Hydraluron. They are both so amazing!
Love Jasmine
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