Sunday, 2 February 2014

Review: Sleek blush by 3 - pink lemonade

Well well well hello beautiful! My first sleek  blush was rose gold and I love it so when I saw sleek had released two new blush by 3 palettes, boots had started stocking sleek and I had points to blow it was a no brainier! I believe the other new sleek blush by 3 is called californIA and is a lot more coral/orange based with no pink tones but I picked pink lemonade as I wanted a mixture of cream and powder as californIA is just cream. 

So top swatch and top of the palette you've got a rosey pink, called pink mint which has a hint of coral too it's kinda hard to describe. Then middle of the palette and swatches is a pink cream but again it kinda has a peach/coral edge to it called macaroon and bottom of the palette and swatches is a darker coral shade called icing sugar. 

Both the powders have a shimmer but it's in no way overbearing, I think it looks super pretty. The cream is so silky to touch and blends beautifully, I am really impressed and I knew I liked the powder finish because of rose gold. Actually I think rose gold is probably a mixture of the two of these powder blushers in this palette so clearly I gravitate towards those kinda shades. 

From left to right: icing sugar, macaroon, pink mint and rose gold for a comparison. It's literally like they took rose gold apart and made a palette that would add up to that exact shade and oh my isn't it beautiful. 

I am so glad boots now stock sleek and just as a heads up my nearest big tesco has a sleek stand now so maybe it's worth checking out your nearest one too! I think I'm starting a love affair with sleek blushers and I'm falling fast! 

This palette was part of this little haul,

so I'll be reviewing some more things for you soon! And I still have another collective bargains haul from boots and tesco to share! I cannot be controlled guys! Someone needs to be taking my card away! At least I got this palette and the time delay radiance booster with my boots points! 

What do you think of the two new blush by 3 palettes? Have you tried sleek makeup before? - Amy x


Leanne Webber said...

I've ummed and erred about getting this palette I already have so many blushers.
It is so pretty though! xx

daisy walters said...

Ah it looks so lovely! I like the lighter colour.

xxx | daisydaisyxxo

Miss Louise said...

I really want this palette (and rose gold) now!! I didn't realize that one of the blushers was a cream!

Chloe Norton said...

This palette is so pretty! I have rose gold and it's definitely my fav blush ever. I think I need to buy this palette though lol x

Amy Tibble said...

I have so many blushers but I find myself reaching for this one all the time, It's so handy to have three in one palette! Thanks for the comments :) and for you guys that left links I've checked out your blogs :) x