Friday, 28 February 2014

REVIEW: New Seventeen cheek stamp in stare struck

When I first saw this I was really intrigued and then wondered why someone hadn't thought of the idea before! Seventeen winning again! Basically the powder is in the lid of the product and when you open it, the blusher is already on the sponge ready to apply.

I was worried the sponge wouldn't be any good but actually it's quite soft and reminds me of how the real techniques miracle complexion sponge feels. It's perfect for blending the blusher out creating a beautiful natural flushed cheek. It also has a mirror on top of the lid which I think is fab as it really does make it an on the go product even more, especially paired with the ease of application. The powder isn't chalky at all and has a nice pigmentation, not too much just enough and definitely buildable. Your probably thinking well It could be unhygienic because the sponge is attached to the lid so how would you clean it but I can assure you as the lid is plastic there's no worry of damaging anything and it would easily be able to be cleaned in the normal manor, think of the lid as you would the handle of a brush.

There were three other shades within this range, a coral, more of a bronzey shade and a bubblegum pink which is really bright but blends out nicely, I was torn between the bubblegum pink and this one!

As you can see by the swatch, stare struck is a beautiful dusty pink, has the smallest hint of coral and the slightest hint of shimmer. I know they say this phrase about lipsticks but this really is the perfect my cheeks but better blusher haha. The packaging is amazingly handy so you can blush on the go, It comes with a mirror and yet again seventeen are showing some innovation. Definitely want to go back and get the bubblegum pink one now! It's love, you know when don't think there's anything missing within your stash but then you find a gem and realise it was missing the whole time, this would be that product - so handy, easy to use, lovely mirror, soft sponge and looks beautiful, what more could you want! - Amy x


Taylor Knight said...

This is a lovely pink blush. x

Hannah Cornish said...

Ah what a clever idea! I'm torn between trying this or the NO7 cheek crayon stain. The colour of this is gorgeous! xx

Hannah @ FashionistaDigital

Amy Tibble said...

I was too! although I have one of those £3 off make-up vouchers for No7 so may have to get one of those too as the highlighter in the same style of packaging is so nice! x