Wednesday, 19 February 2014

REVIEW: My all time favourite Barbara Daly Blusher brush

I cannot believe this unassuming little brush could be quite so amazing. I'v got the real techniques blusher brush, I've tried others before as well and my blush has just never really sat in the right place or looked how I've wanted it to until now! 

I have fallen hard for this brush, in fact I have three! I found out about these from the facebook page 10ways which basically tells you about various deals and this one came up a while ago but I was literally in my local Tesco yesterday and they are still being re-stocked and are still highly discounted. This blusher brush was £6.30 down to £1.57 and let me tell you I would of happily paid the £6.30 before had I known it was going to be so amazing! 

It is incredibly soft, even after washing it keeps it's softness! The shape of it, being slanted, really helps with application and makes it super easy to be able to apply your blusher correctly. It also doesn't pick up too much product, which is really useful as I have a few really pigmented blushers, and it's really good at blending the product out so you can go between a super subtle look to one that's more obvious and less blended in. 

Basically these blusher brushes are perfect and I'm really tempted to go and buy more just in case they do stop selling them! My blusher looks sooo much better from using an angled brush, I cannot express my love enough! The brush itself feels of good build quality, so far they have washed well and I really like the feel of the handle - It reminds me of the material used for the nars/elf packaging. 

I found them by the section with the eyelashes, nail accessories ect so I'm guessing if your local Tesco has a section like this then they should sell these brushes (The packaging ect will look the same as the above picture) so I highly recommend you have a look as the whole range is reduced. I got a retractable lip brush for £1.05! well actually I have the whole range but when it's that highly discounted, super soft and good quality why wouldn't you! I highly recommend it all! bar the kabuki brush perhaps as it's not as soft as the other brushes but I don't think I've ever tried a kabuki brush that has been that soft. So much love for this blusher brush and such a bargain, I had to tell you guys!
- Amy x


PWhiley94 said...

I have never heard of this Brush company before, I am always on the look out for affordable brushes. Great review.


Katie Reynolds said...

I bought a tonne of brushes in the sale, I did a blog post on them I love the blush brush, I use it almost everyday!


Cristina Sánchez said...

Wow 1,57 is a bargain! SO NICE! :) I had never heard of it xxx