Saturday, 22 February 2014

REVIEW: Bargain L'Oréal Infallible Eyeshadows in All Night Blue, Permanent Kaki & Sassy Marshmallow

My 'treat' purchase this week were three shades from the L'Oréal Infallible eye shadow range and my oh my they are beautiful. You are probably thinking hey one of them is over your £5 limit if you read about my spending ban but fear not! I read about a very good bargain on eBay!

So I was reading a blog, I can't remember which one as I follow over 2000 and I'm always reading through my bloglovin feed like it was twitter or facebook! I feel so bad I really need to write notes when I discover stuff other bloggers have told me about that I've gone on to buy but I was too excited! Basically I brought them from eBay here. They were £2.20 (yes £2.20 x 3 is more than £5 but shhh) when I got them but seem to of gone down to £2.15 with plenty of shades left, unfortunately not Permanent Kaki but I'm sure other ebayers sell it! I also found these on fragrance direct for £1.50 but take into account you have to pay £1.99 shipping, from the particular ebayer I purchased from shipping was free and they were delivered in a reasonable time. Remember to also search the shade on google so you can get a better idea of what the shade is actually like looking at other swatches ect.

On closer inspection these appear to the french version/product so they have the french infallible spelling on them (infaillible) but they are the real deal! and for £2.20 instead of £5.99 when  I've been wanting them for ages after seeing vivianna does make-up and lily pebbles talk about them, well it was one or the other, I'm pretty sure they featured them in a YouTube video together.

From left to right Permanent Kaki, a beautiful shimmery green/olive shade. Then All Night Blue, the most beautiful deep shimmery navy I have ever seen with a kinda black undertone to it. Then Sassy Marshmallow which is a grey/silvery shade with little specks of turquoise and peachy pink mixed in, such a unique shade. The have the most beautiful shimmer. I'm not a lover of matte shades, I don't know why I've just always worn shimmer as I really like my eyes to pop and as I'm so used to it I don't really see shimmer as a night time thing. So if you don't like shimmer maybe these aren't for you but just think you could create the most amazingly eye catching look for a night out and for super cheaps!

I told you they were beautiful! These are kinda pure pigment but compacted tightly and you use the black lid type thing to continue to compact it down as the handle for it is a little bit springy that gets pushed down when you put the lid screw lid back on - very clever!

They feel SO buttery and as you can see pigmentation is pretty amazing. It states that they are 24h lasting, I can't comment on this yet as this is more a first impressions but I'll add onto this review after I've tested them out for a day at work tomorrow!

Also interesting fact. I actually managed to knock these off my table, with the lids off, whilst I was taking pictures, expecting the whole contents to be on the floor as they landed face down, all of them! and I was so surprised when I picked them up and none of them had broken at all, they were exactly as they were before they fell on the floor. Goes to show you have compacted they are! I can't wait to create a look with these! I will probably for a #fotd for you tomorrow using these so you can see what they look like on the eyes. Swoonnnnnnnnn I want all the shades!!!

Basically the packaging is really clever, the pigmentation is amazing, the eye shadows themselves feel really buttery and luxurious, said to last 24h which is great as I want long lasting and the shades are beautiful shimmery delight! Super happy with my purchase this week! - Amy x


Miss Louise said... the all night blue shade is STUNNING! I'm officially on the hunt for it! :)

Ellie Fleet said...

All night blue and sassy marshmallow would make a great combination! These look stunning!
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Amy Tibble said...

It's definitely my fav of the bunch! x

Amy Tibble said...

definitely need to try that combo! x