Thursday, 6 February 2014

#notd seche and seventeen

I haven't done a nails of the day post in soooooooooo long and I really don't know why as I still paint my nails at least once a week because of work! Anyways I seemed to of noticed that the this kind of splatter effect seems to of become popular again! I have had the seventeen off the wall graffiti nail effects top coat in my stash for a while so I thought hey why not use that as I just think for something so simple it looks so good! I also wanted to try the seche not easily swept away nail polish I got in a glossy box for a while now so used that as my base - It dries super quick! I'd highly recommend both polishes for ease of application, they both went on like a dream. I used two coats of the seche but I could of just used one and I used one coat of the seventeen graffiti effects. I just think the splatter top coats look so pretty, I also have the L'Oréal version too but I've seen some similar maybelline ones I'd quite like to try! Sorry my pictures of late have been phone ones, what with writing my dissertation I just haven't had the time to shoot images with my dslr so instead of not posting at all I opted for my iphone as that's what I used when I first started, even though I had my dslr back then I guess I was lazy hah - Amy x

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Hola Bambi said...

Loveeee this nail look xx