Wednesday, 26 February 2014

#fotd gel liner and a bold two tone lip

I was going to post this make-up look a couple of days ago butttttt I got distracted and posted other things! So I decided at 3am it would be a good idea to experiment with gel liner, as you do! as I knew I had some somewhere that I'd got in a set by seventeen in boots. The gel liner is called the smoulder gel eye liner and you can buy it separately, I actually have two and I think one I got as a gift with purchase. I used the real techniques liner brush that comes with the eye starter kit and I was really surprised at how easy it was to apply as normally I'm REALLY bad with eye liner unless it's pencil and even then I put it on and kinda smudge it so it's not so evident how uneven it is haha.

I also tight lined my eyes using the gel liner as well, my eyes are super sensitive so I was a bit worried they'd end up streaming but they were absolutely fine and I find tight lining really added to the bold eye liner look I was going for. For my mascara I used the Revlon lash potion waterproof. I used natural collection white eyeliner on my waterline to make my eyes look wider. This is such a good product for next to nothing! I think it was £1.79 but definitely no more than £2.

For my brows I used my trusty Maybelline brow drama in dark brown.

For my lips I used the Revlon matte balm in sultry and Accessorize passionate in the outer corners. I think I'll be doing this lip look a lot more often as I love it and it's a lot easier than using a dark lip liner to get the same kinda look.

For my base I used the Rimmel wake me up foundation in ivory. Every time I use this again it makes me realise how amazing it is, the match is so perfect for me!

I also used the Daniel  Sandler watercolour blush in flush but It hasn't photographed very well as I apply my blusher really subtly.

Above is a closer look at the make-up look! You may wonder why I'm posting this gone 3am but I've practically been asleep all day as I had to go to hospital to get a tooth taken out in the morning that my dentist bodged up before christmas and having strong pain killers and the discomfort kinda just makes me want to sleep A LOT but I'm feeling more human now hence the blog post :) I'm going to uni to scan negs for my FMP so I may have some of my photography work to show you later! I'm thinking about scrapping my dedicated photography blog as well I just don't post on it and would find it much easier maybe posting here once a month with my work instead of having another blog which I forget to post on so yeah thinking that one through!

I hope you have a wonderful day - Amy x


Lyndsey Smile said...

Wow i love your lips, they look stunning xx

Amy Tibble said...

thank you! definitely my fav lip look at the moment! x