Sunday, 2 February 2014

Collective, you guessed it, haul!

ohhhhhhhhhkay so I'm thinking you can kinda see a pattern here. Payday comes, I go bat shit cray and then I'm broke the rest of the month? correct BUT I'm young and right now the only responsibilities I have are making sure my car has petrol in it, I pay my phone bill and a couple of other things and then it's pretty much a free-for-all.

So yes as I mentioned in my last post I did a bit more shopping in boots and some in tesco! damn those no7 vouchers! thank god they have finally run out! I just have to spend them! anyway

I'm pretty chuffed with this haul as I got some amazing bargains. The max factor dip in eye shadows were 50p each from tesco, yes you read correctly 50p! The barrym matte nail paint and L'OrĂ©al nail varnish were also 50p each from tesco which is insane, especially the barrym one as it's not long been out! I got the hair dye for 44p from tesco! crazyyyyy and I'm going to use it to freshen up my dip dye. I couldn't resist some more bargain barbara daly brushes and i got the kabuki one for £1.83 and another blusher one, I think it was £1.57 and it is SO SOFT! again from tesco. I got a sinful color's nail varnish in nail junkie from boots, this wasn't in the sale but at £1.99 the quality is amazing. I got the orly mini from boots for £1 in the colour witch's blue - those two nail varnishes together are stunning. I got the herbal essences tousle me softly to put on my hair when wet to bring out my natural waves more and this was from tesco in the clearance section for £1.09 and you can also use it on dry hair - winner! Last but not least I got the No7 beautiful skin wipes and the flawless finish sponges with the £5 and £3 off vouchers on top of my discount making quite the saving!

I'm actually going away for a few days to Bournemouth from the 10th - 12th of feb so you will probably see another haul, but i am actually planning on filming a video whilst I'm there as I have just brought a modelling light to go on my camera which is super portable so I'm excited to try that out and finally make a video! I may even vlog some stuff since no one knows me in Bournemouth I wont care haha. I'm so looking forward to getting away, writing some blog posts, trying out all my new things and just generally have a full on chill after having to write my dissertation! I can see the end though guys, d-day is the 7th but I'll probably hand it in on the 5th -  I CAN'T WAIT for it to be out of my lifeeee 'cause I'm really excited about my next project and I wanna get stuck in!!

errrrmehhhhgurdddd ramble ramble! anyway tips to learn from this 1. check your local boots for clearance 2. make use out of those pesky vouchers! and 3. check out your local tesco for clearance! -  Amy xx

P.s I just got an email from bloglovin that made me squeal! I have reached 300 followers! I remember not so long ago getting excited about reaching 10 followers so this is amazing!!! so thank you thank you thank you! It makes me so excited to carry on this blogging journey 'cause I normally give up on things easily so I'm proud of myself for keeping this thang going and it's thanks to you lovely lot! anyway enough soppyness THANK YOU!


Allyson Smith said...

LOL that L'Oreal colour! What's the name?

Ally Marie Catherine

Allyson Smith said...

love, not LOL haha!

Hannah Cornish said...

Beautiful products! love the nail varnish. Hope you have a fab time away in Bournemouth


Amy Tibble said...

haha It is 202 shade Marie Antoinette x

Amy Tibble said...

Thankyou! x