Thursday, 13 February 2014

Bournemouth PRIMARK HAUL

Okay you're probably thinking Amy your on a spending ban why you be haulin' well Bournemouth was an exception in that spending ban as I'd already saved some moneyssssss. I was going to wait until my second day to go shopping but as I'd had such a horrendous drive because of the relentless rain and terrifying wind blowing my ickle car about, quite frankly I deserved a shopping trip as I was just pleased I was there and alive and  because as soon as I'd got there and got my stuff into my room the weather had decided to perk up dramatically I thought I'd make the most of it!! I had £15 to spend and I was originally going to do the buy one get one half price L'OrĂ©al deal in boots to get the true match foundation and then I thought well that's stupid you have a ton of foundations, yes true match is very nice but you reallyyyy don't need to add any more to your collection!  So after that I found the primark in Bournemouth. It didn't really look much from the outside but then I went in and thought holyyyyyyyy cow this is HUGE! and for the £13.50 in total I spent I reckon I got a fair amount of things and I'm pretty chuffed with myself!

First up is a skirt which is quite a long one past the knee but looks really classy and was only £1 I repeat £1, crazy right!! I had seen it in my local primark about a week ago and it was £5 so yay me for spotting that beauty! Its black lace with a dark green under skirt.
In the middle is a top, £5,  which is the mix between old school tattoos and flowers with the word lucky on the front. I really like the style of this, it has roll up sleeves and is just super comfy and is made with really soft material, the only way I can describe it as is slippy?! but it says 100% polyester haha. I swear you must think I'm crazy! I also like that it has lucky on the front as I'm trying to be more positive and stress less so this is a nice reminder!
On the far right is a canvas bag with the words dream on dreamer and it was only £1.50 and will be perfect for library books and I just thought it was super pretty and it's a nice quote to have around you.

Next up is some jewellery, I have been looking for what feels like forever for some rings that 1. fit 2. are plain and 3. come with lots so I can layer ect and I finally found these. Never seen them in my local one otherwise I would of snapped them right up! And to top it off they were only £1 instead of £2.50
The necklace is something I had seen in my local primark and have been eyeing up for a while but at £5 I wasn't willing to part with my money! I tend to find that primark necklaces break easily so I only buy them in the sale anyways and much to my delight I found this for £2 in Bournemouth. It has kinda already broken. I brought it with one of the triangles with the diamantes already broken off as all the ones in the shop had something wrong with them gahhh so I picked this one and just broke off the corresponding triangle on the other side! Problem solved and I actually prefer it like this.

Next up are just some random bits I saw near the till damnit! The haribo was £1 which for a bag with lots of mini packs in isn't that bad.
Then I brought this water bottle which was £1 down from £2. I'm guessing it was Christmas stock but I'm not too bothered, I thought the pattern was cute!
After reading about body shops new blueberry range and really wanting to try it but not wanting to pay out when I saw this I had to get it! It's a bubble bath and shower gel combined and smells divine and I can try something that's blueberry without the huge price tag!

Primark always seems to have a good sale, I guess it's cause they have such a quick stock turnaround, not that I'm complaining!! What do you think of my bargains? I hope you have a lovely day! I'll probably be walking along the beach today trying not to get blown over or get too much sand in my eyes, damn wind! and just fully relaxing, taking blog pictures and trying out an array of lovely bath products - heaven!
- Amy x


PWhiley94 said...

I love a Primark haul! I love the jewellery bits, looks great for laying, the bubble bath looks great too and such good value!


Emerald Dove said...

Great picks! The shower gel looks really nice! :)

Jessie said...

That is a great haul and you got quite a few items for your money. I love the top and the canvas bag btw.

daisy walters said...

You got loads for your money! Love the tshirt and the shower gel the most.

xxx | daisydaisyxxo

Amy Tibble said...

thanks everyone for your comments :), I think my fav item is the top, I've lived in it since! and just a heads up they had loads like it in all different design, primark have such nice tops in atm! x