Wednesday, 12 February 2014


Okay so I don't think I've posted about this for a couple of weeks as I've been super busy with uni and when I have posted I had other things planned ect BUT It's going okay!

Recently I've been focusing on eating regularly instead of gorging in the afternoon and onwards. I have found from consciously eating lunch, not so good at breakfast yet, but by eating lunch at lunchtime I've found I haven't wanted to eat so much in the evening which is so good! I find the evening the hardest time of the day 'cause I just wanna pick at stuff! I'm away at the moment so I can't weigh myself ect but I feel good in myself which is a nice feeling! Might be cause I've spent the whole evening pampering myself but hey haha. So tip - make sure you eat at meal times to combat craving/over eating in the evening!
- Amy x

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PWhiley94 said...

I have the same problem as you. As soon as it reaches 7.30pm I want to eat non-stop.