Friday, 28 February 2014

A sample of some of my fmp photography work surrounding the edgelands

Hello everyone! so today I bring you some what of a different post. By day I'm actually a photography degree student and although I have a dedicated photography blog I find that I just don't post there, I don't know I just feel too much pressure to type in a certain way and not let who I am show as much so I thought I'd kinda trial posting some of my work on this blog once a month and see what kind of reception it gets. This leads me on to apologising for having to use watermarks but as some of these images may well form my finals for my final major project It's just an extra precaution I must take! as I'm in my third year now and I don't know I just worry someone may take them as their own, I'm not saying I'm amazing or anything at all, I just don't want to get caught up in a plagiarism argument so I'm putting a watermark on them from the beginning.

I shot these images on medium format and if you're not sure what that is, my medium format camera is a mamiya 645 which gives you negatives which are basically twice the size of 35mm film inevitably giving you a more detailed final print. You can also get 6x7 negs or 6x6 which are bigger still but are the same medium format film, you just end up with a negative in a slightly different size. I love film photography, I use my digital SLR all the time but I just don't get that same satisfaction! Even if it does take me 4 hours to scan 3 rolls of film!

Now onto what this project is even about! I stumbled upon a book titled Edgelands purely by chance when I was researching allotments and thought I'd borrow it as it looked interesting. Said book was full of poems and little stories about various places the writer considered to be edgelands so we have water, ponds, scrap yards, wasteland, woods ect. I have long since been a wonderer of what I now understand to be my own towns edgelands and this project looks at highlighting the edgelands and bringing them into the limelight to showcase what interesting places they can be. This project will be combined with my own text along the lines of Martha Rosler's work 'The Bowery in two inadequate descriptive systems' which includes an image with text to the left of it for example one image is of the run down looking front to a hotel and some of the words on a seperate paper next to the image include boozehound and rumhound conjuring up images within my head of a drunk sat outside there so the words and image work together to create a whole. It is one of my favourite pieces of work you should definitely check it out here. In regards to my own work, take the 5th image down for example, It's a place that's known for drugs so I'd either have words or a descriptive paragraph to kind of show that side to the place as well. They're very dead-pan in style but I kinda like that style of photography. One of my main influences aside from Martha Rosler is Mark Power, especially his 26 different endings project around the london A-Z, another photographer you should check out!

Let me know what you think about me including a photography feature once a month, good idea? bad idea? and what do you think of my idea/style of photography? Is it what you expected a Uni student to be doing? - Amy x

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