Friday, 17 January 2014

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick Collection & Review

As I have previously talked about my mac lipstick collection I thought it only fair to look at a high-street one in the same way! Here are my Rimmel moisture renew lipsticks. I have quite a few lipsticks from Rimmel, I think for a high-street brand they really are on point with pigmentation, wear time and the smell is generally always nice! I wanted to focus on the moisture renew range in particular as I have five of them and showed you five mac lipsticks and we all like symmetry hey!

So from left to right we have 
Dark Night Waterl-oops, Glam Plum Fulham, As You Want Victoria, Vintage Pink and In Love With Ginger.

I LOVE the formula of these, they are sooo nourishing, for me they don't stick to any dry patches, it's a smooth even application and they have a really nice semi-shine which I would liken to a satin finish. As you can tell I'm liking the plum haha but my favourite has to be vintage pink, it's the perfect my lips but better shade for me and it just looks so lovely on! my camera died so I haven't done swatches but if you google loads should come up as these were pretty popular in 2013! The smell of these is really nice similar to mac, you definitely get that vanilla hit but slightly stronger which I personally like. The pigmentation is amazing for the price, I really am so impressed, especially the darker shades they are SO opaque. I also like the packaging, It's sturdy and the shiny silver and deep purple lids are really pretty. Plus the lipsticks go right the way back into the tube so there's no accidentally catching them when your putting the lid back on which I personally find infuriating!

These are currently on offer with £2 off making them £4.49 atm from boots here and superdrug here.

Do you rate these lipsticks? What's your favourite shade?
- Amy x


Miss Louise said...

hope we get these newly reformulated lippies in the US soon! I've wanted to try their lipsticks for aggges! However, people open them and swatch them and IT'S DISGUSTING!!

Anyway, great post!

Ellie Fleet said...

As you want Victoria & Vintage pink are such gorgeous shades. They sound great, especially as yu say they don't stick to dry patches! :) Great post.
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