Tuesday, 14 January 2014

REVIEW: Toni&Guy hair set plus magical black twirly hair things that don't tug on your hair!

How many times can you say hair in one title? oh three times?! baha. I got this set recently from Boots and it was in the half price sale for £5. When I got mine there were LOADS left so I'd definitely have a look as it's a great way to test out products to see if you wanna buy full size and this came in such a pretty bag I couldn't say no in the end! 

I currently used the toni&guy sea salt texture spray which I love so I wanted to try out more. So far so good. I've only been using them a short while but I'm really impressed with the hairspray and I am quite fussy but this one doesn't feel heavy at all which I love. It's always handy to have heat protection and Toni&Guy is a brand I trust. I also really like the dry shampoo! I'm coming towards the end of one I got from a glossy box so needed a replacement and this one fits the bill as I do have batiste but as the majority of my hair is dark I prefer not to use it as I do get a chalky effect but this toni&guy one seems to be okay and does the job! For £5 you really can't complain 'cause I think the mini's retail for about £2 or more on their own anyway and you get a super pretty bag which is a practical size for putting travel bits in when you go away or using as a make-up bag. 

Also those black twisty things are literally a revelation! I'm glad I got this set just for them!! I've seen them before in shops but I just thought what the hell is that and kinda just left them alone but having got these in this set i bothered to google about them and well it has literally transformed my life! this may sound stupid but when i wear my hair up, doesn't matter what hair band I use, cause my hair is so thick, it pulls and I end up with a headache that 9 times of out 10 turns into a migraine. Hence life transformation as with this things you twist your hair up, screw these in, your hair stays in place and I don't feel any pull what so ever.  My hair is soooo comfy being up! and as i have to wear it up for work it's important I don't get a headache! so I am really really happy I found these!!

Basically for this set £5 is amazing so check your local boots to see if they have any more laying about! but as I said you can get these mini's in full size and any brand of the black twirly things will work just as well so if your hair pulls like mine seriously try them out!! I was umming and ahhing about this set but I'm so glad I got it in the end! - Amy x


Lyndsey Smile said...

Wow what a fab set and those twirly things sound great, I am constantly getting migraines from having my hair too tight, I will look out for this xx

Amy Tibble said...

Yes you definitely should they are amazing! I haven't used a hairband since! x

Ellie Fleet said...

the twisty things sound great! how do you use them? maybe images or a video? :/
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Amy Tibble said...

That's a good idea for a video! must try and fit it in as they are so good! x