Tuesday, 14 January 2014

REVIEW: Sugared Apple Yankee Candle review

I got this beauty in the house of fraser sale, there were lots when i was there so have a look 'cause all the Christmas candle's were on sale 'cause I managed to get some merry marshmallow tea lights as well! such a yummy scent, just a bit sweeter than fireside treats.

anyway onto sugared apple. This smells so good, my sister got one for Christmas and I just had to have it!! I got this for £4.19 for a small jar which is a complete bargain! I find candles really help me to relax, especially when I'm doing uni work so I'm always stocked up and the Yankee Christmas range was just so good this year! I would say this scent wasn't particularly christmassy so you can definitely get a way with burning it all year round, especially now when it's still kinda frosty and cold outside, it warms the cockles of your heart! It's sweet but isn't sickly sweet and I can definitely pick up the apple scent, it's a really nice mixture between sweet, fruity and fresh.  

so just a quick post 'cause if you are near a house of fraser I'd definitely see if you can hunt down some yankee! I found mine near the make-up section when it's normally on a different floor so have a look around that bit too! - Amy x


Sophie Jenner said...

Great post! That's such a great price for the small harm sugared apple is defo one of my favs, I had it in the big jar for my birthday and I burnt it all day every day, so subtle yet lovely! X
Sophie Jenner

Lyndsey Smile said...

Aww that sounds gorgeous, I love Yankee Candles but have never tried this as usually go for spicy scents or coconut. Think this will be on my to try list :)


Amy Tibble said...

It ever so slightly reminded me of black coconut so you might just like it :) x