Sunday, 5 January 2014

One line a day, Q&A a day and what did I buy today? books/journals/diaries

I asked for these for Christmas expecting to get one or maybe two of them but I was surprised by getting all 3! I love these kind of journals as it's basically been made SUPER easy to keep a diary and the Q&A a day and the one line a day span 5 years! so I'm really excited to compare each year as this year I will be going through  A LOT of change e.g finishing Uni, trying to find my place in this world ahhh scary but yeah!

First up I'll talk about Q&A a day. Basically you get asked a question every day and each question has 5 spaces with 20 and then the year is blank so mine will eventually read 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018!
My first question was what is your mission? which is pretty heavy but it has less 'deep' ones such as what are you reading right now so it's a real mixture to really be able to look back accurately at each year and see what you were like as a person and how/if you've grown.

One line a day is described as a memory book and as with the Q&A a day book it has 5 spaces on each page which each day of the year having it's own page so you can compare the years. However with this one you can write anything and i find it's really helpful as it forces you to condense the day and you don't just ramble on or give up cause you cant be arsed to write a whole page about a day.

Finally what did a buy today which lasts for the year. You start by writing down debt and savings and then the next page has your monthly out goings - sounds boring i know but the book has fun drawings all over it and is really nicely laid out. Then there's a space for small and big goals for example one of mine is to save to be able to buy a michael kors watch.  After that there is a double page of example challenges you could partake in for a week e.g  eat in, pack your own lunch, use cash only and buy nothing. You then have pages with space to write down what you brought and with the week starting of and you enter in the date so enable you to go over two pages if you need to! and next to that page is a blank space to doodle and write about why you brought such and such so you can reflect on your purchases. At the end of the book is a space to reflect on the current amount of savings you have, debt, setbacks, triumphs and a space to set new goals! I'm so glad I got this book as I really need to reflect on what I buy as I think I'm stupidly excessive with my spending and really need to cut back as I tend to associate shopping with happiness so if I'm down or upset i tend to spend money which isn't good! I'm looking forward to trying out the challenges, my first one to be to pack my own lunch touch wood I'm doing pretty well as I made a sandwich for lunch on saturday and my brother brought me lunch on sunday! 

These are all avaliable on amazon, just search the title. I would tell you the price but they keep going up and down! well at this current time (05/01/2014 19:30) the what did i buy today book is £7.99, the one line a day is £10.99 and the Q&A a day is from £6.79 plus £2.80 delivery all on amazon. I am extremely lucky I got these as gifts as I wouldn't of been able to buy/justify all of them on my own! Hopefully this helps if your umming and ahhing over which one you might like as it's such an amazing concept and I can't wait to look back at all my answers in 5 years time!

Do you have any of these? what do you think of them? - Amy x


Ruby Frampton said...

They are so nice!
I am such a sucker for notebooks and journals, I may have to add one of these to my collection..


Amy Tibble said...

Highly recommend, they are so nice and a great thing to sit down and do before bed :) x