Wednesday, 1 January 2014

nicki minaj pink friday fragrance set for £11.50: review and where you can buy it

okay so i was chuffed with this! i found it on a blog i can't remember which one sorry but i did comment to say thankyou and that i was buying it pronto which it did and it came tomorrow just in time to use it for new years eve! you can buy it from here from boots for £11.50 in the gift sets half price sale.

I'd smelt this ages ago as i thought the bottle was really cool but i'd never seriously considered getting is as i can be a bit of a perfume snob when it comes to celebrity fragrances but over christmas i smelt the katy perry killer queen perfume(it was on offer for £19 for 100ml before christmas but i missed out wahh) and i got a sample of this in a past glossy box and smelt the one direction one and i actually really liked! so i'm kinda loosing my perfume snob ways! i couldn't bring myself to buy the one direction one those as netting really freaks me out weird i know but in case your wondering it smells divine!

anyway back to the one i actually brought. Nicki Minaj pink friday is really sweet but sickly sweet it's just a really nice sweet girly smell. I adore sweet perfume's especially to wear everyday and for the price of this one (i got it for £10.06 with discount) i can definitely spritz my heart away without worrying about running down my more expensive ones e.g my beloved marc jacobs oh lola!

As I've said the actually bottle is really cool and unique but what i love most about the gift set itself is that it came with a roller ball which if you have a sizeable purse will fit in there easily and is great for just popping in your bag for top ups during the day. It also comes with a body lotion so is a great set and amazing value for the price as the perfume alone is worth around double!

This perfume is great value, has a gorgeous sweet girly scent, lasts well and looks unique. All in all a bargain and i am very happy! sorry for the picture quality of the second picture guys, I've been as work today and it was nearly pitch black by the time i got home boo! but i wanted to put this up before it went out of stock! Happy new year you lovely people! i hit over 5000 page views today! - Amy x

p.s this is my first post from my new laptop - how exciting tehe


Lucy May said...

i love that it comes with a roller ball, then you dont have to drag the whole bottle around with you! :)

Bess Lea said...

I bought this because of you Amy :)

Amy Tibble said...

such a bad enabler haha but it smells so good! and for the price as well kinda can't justify saying no!