Friday, 3 January 2014

new year, new resolutions!

Happy new year guys! you are probably sick of resolution posts by now but i wanted to post this anyways as it's the first time I've had a new years on my blog! and i can hold myself accountable so here goes!

1. I want to work as hard as i can this final year at uni and know in myself i did the best i could whatever grade i get at the end.

2. I want to stop buying so much crap and use what i have first before i buy new stuff as i just don't have the room in my ickle room and it's incredibly frustrating having stuff everywhere!

3. work on growing this blog as it is something i love to do and when i feel like procrastinating my blog and reading other blogs is the first place i turn! this will probably come into effect more in the last half of the year because of my first goal!

4. I want to continue to loose weight, I've been stuck on a stone and a half for a while now and i want to start a fresh and put all my energy into achieving my goal again, which is to look amazing at my graduation and feel comfortable having my picture taken! so i have around 6 months to go and i really hope i don't fail because seeing the scales go down and the buzz i get after exercising makes me feel so good!

5. So this links in with number 4 but i want to get back into exercise again, i had a really good routine going on and then just kinda stopped cause i had a health issue but it all seems to of balanced out again and i have my conservatory free again (my sister and her bf had used it as their bedroom but now they can both fit into my sisters room) so i really want to get back into it!

6. I want to start doing youtube videos were i'm actually in front of the camera haha i'll probably gain more confidence with the weight coming off, that's what i'm hoping anyway! but I've said to myself the next time i have a haul i'm going to film it! I've got my new laptop with a decentish front webcam so no excuses!! (i have a canon 550d but focusing ect when it's just me i find really really hard to do!!)

7. I definitely want to worry less! if anything goes wrong i straight away go into panic mode and i'm miserable for no reason as most of the time there's nothing i can do or its not actually as bad as i thought so yes definitely panic less!

8. Another thing i want to do less is saying no. If someone asks me to do something with them or anything really i just tend to say no because i'm shy or too self conscious ect so i want that to change and really start living life as i would love to go to blogging events ect and be confident enough to approach people seriously for work experience instead of getting scared ect as it's something that really holds me back which sucks! Like just now i remembered i'd gotten an email on the 13th of december that i needed to reply to about work experience in a care home and i'd just put it off because i guess i was scared of rejection so i guess the main aim is to be more fearless and say yes to life! btw i replied to that email right now!! even though it's been three weeks eeek but whats the worst that can happen! be fearless Amy!!!

9. Make sure i write in my Q&A a day, one line a day and what i brought today diaries every day!!

So I guess these are pretty standard resolutions maybe? but it's got me excited writing them out! Link me your resolution posts so i can have a nosey!
- Amy x

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