Saturday, 11 January 2014

MUA pro-base fixing mist: REVIEW

Okay so I have kept eyeing up this for what feels like an age every time I go into superdrugs and recently when I went it it had money off so i thought okay this is definitely a sign! I was going to buy the illuminating foundation too but I managed to stp myself! I'm trying to save for a Michael Kors watch you see! anyway...

I'm really impressed with this. I did buy the collection version quite a while ago and it literally felt like I was spraying hair spray on my face (which ashamedly so I did used to do when I was at secondary school as I was worried about getting a shiny face #awkward) so I was very happy when this one didn't feel like hair spray at all and It definitely worked as it was harder to get my make-up off which I personally see as a good thing especially where nine hours at work is concerned, I wanna look good at the end of the day too!

It's kind of an unassuming bottle but it's great stuff for a budget fixing spray. It was £4 down from £5. For some reason £4 just sounds so much more bearable then £5 when there's only a pound difference but damn it the shops marketing campaigns really work on me I'm a sucker!

It feels really light on my face, after it's dried I don't notice it at all, unlike the aforementioned collection one that feels like hairspray, which is never ever ever good. No way ho-say! It claims to moisturise and hydrate the skin which yes it kinda does cause your spraying something wet onto your skin but I wouldn't say it did that amazingly well but give the product a break hey everything else tick tick tick. Micro fine mist for easy application - this I completely agree with as it is really light and doesn't bother me at all. Up to 8 hours fixing power - again I would agree as it's definitely made a difference to how long my make-up stays in place.

Have you tried this,what do you think? Do you like MUA the brand? Favourite MUA product?

- Amy x

p.s I'm thinking of doing a blogging equipment type post as I have a kinda novel set up for taking my pictures that may help others?! so if that's something you'd like to know about let me know!


Ellie Fleet said...

Great review! I may just pick this up next time i'm in superdrug!
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Charlotte MacDonald-Gaunt said...

Sounds like it's great value for money and a possible alternative to Urban Decay :o)! Xx

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Amy Tibble said...

Yeah that's exactly what I thought, way way cheaper!