Sunday, 12 January 2014

L'Oréal mega volume miss manga tropical violet: REVIEW

Okay so first up can I just say it is a complete waste of time getting the purple one of these because unless you have really light eyelashes (mine are dark brown) it will just look black anyway! I thought I'd start with my first and only gripe as I was excited about having a purple mascara and well I do it just comes up black wahh. 

Let's talk about length with this - I get LOADS. That's my number one want in a mascara - length and lots of it and this delivers! second want is defined lashes and again this is pretty good at that and because of it's texture I was surprised it wasn't super clumpy but it's really nice! I apply two coats and I'm good to go! I do tend to make sure I've really worked it in and covered every lash to get the best result.

The brush shape is really helpful for fully covering your lashes. The cone means you can get right into your lash corners and it's great for getting the bottom lashes.  The wider end of the cone really helps to fan out your lashes on the outer corners. I didn't love the shape when I first saw it but after using it I've been converted! From the above picture you can see how dark the purple really is!

I really can't wear false lashes because they irritate my eyes something chronic so finding a mascara that adds length and isn't £19.50 (benefit I'm looking at choo but I do love they're real!) is fantastic!

I think the packaging is really girly. I love the pink, the writing definitely stands out on the black background and I loveeeee the shiny top! I'm pretty sure i thought the sentence ooo shiny in the shop when i first saw this haha.

I brought this from boots and It's currently on offer at £5.99 instead of £8.99 so for that price, especially with L'Oréal quality It's a bargain. Click here to buy it! also available in turquoise and black. 

- Amy x

p.s something I forgot to add! on some images of this mascara on superdrugs ect it shows that the wand bends. Which is kinda does but not really in the way you've been shown to believe, trust me I tried my hands were a mess! basically it doesn't bend and stay put it just kinda has more movement which in turn helps when you wiggle the wand up your lashes as you don't have to work so hard as the wand is moving too. 


Ellie Fleet said...

Great review - may have to try this out....In black!
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Amy Tibble said...

hah yes definitely black x

Charlotte MacDonald-Gaunt said...

Sounds lovely, I picked it up yesterday and now I'm really excited to try it :o). :o). Xx

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Miss Louise said...

haven't seen this in the states yet, but I'll keep an eye out :) I have (basically) blonde eyelashes, so I might pick up the purple and see if I can get it to show up on my lashes!
Great post :)

Amy Tibble said...

hopefully it's available there soon and you can try it! I'd be interested to see whether the purple shows up on anyone! :)

Amy Tibble said...

I'm sure you wont be disappointed :) x

Leanne Webber said...

So glad someone has reviewed this as I want to try it but don't want to waste my money!
I believe the middle of the wand bends for more benefit? How did you find that?

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Amy Tibble said...

I completely forgot to add about that in the review! How the pictures e.g on superdrugs website make it look like you can actually bend it and it will stay in place but you can't (my hands got very messy haha) basically it just kinda has more movement which does help when you wiggle the want up 'cause you don't have to work quite so hard! will definitely check out your blog :) x

Amy Tibble said...