Monday, 13 January 2014


left to right, top to bottom
new years eve make-up / Nanny's presents ready for her 80th on wednesday / midnight snackin' / feelin' anxious / queen b / high end collection (forgot benefit oops) / new blog design / steak on the first day of the year / my face when it comes to my disseration /  my diaries / i felt pretty that day / lighting my candle from my aunty and uncle / my bro gave me his smart cover and a case yesss (wanted one of the smart covers for ages but was too tight) / Valleybenchmark - testing my graphics card / a genuine smile for once / my dad's cottage pie


Ellie Fleet said...

selfies and food. i'm not complaining!
I love looking into other peoples lives! :D
Elephant stories and more

Amy Tibble said...

me too i'm so nosey aha x