Monday, 20 January 2014

Dissertation hell equals blogging break

This is a sad post for me to have to write but I've decided it's the only way! so from today until the 28th January I am going to have to have a little blogging break! Blogging is too much of a distraction so I just need to cut it out otherwise I'll never finish wahhh. The guy up top pretty much symbolises how I feel! This is my third year at university and probably the least motivated I have ever felt so I just need to help myself out a bit! For anyone else going through the horrible task of writing your dissertation/thesis I highly sympathise! and to anyone else whom has this horrible tortuous task to come - just be as prepared as you can be and you will be fine! Images found on google.

Thank you for all my new followers btw I have noticed my bloglovin' total going up and up and it makes me sooooooo happy!!! and i do try and follow you all back so if I haven't please leave me a comment and I will!


Leanne Webber said...

Completely understandable!
Good luck :)

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Ellie Fleet said...

I have my dissertation deadline coming up now and I'm dreading it! :/ Hopefully you'll get there on time! Good luck!
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