Thursday, 16 January 2014

#bloggerswlw: a day late... sorry!

Okay so the fact that this is a day late kinda shows I've not had a good first week haha. I've been dieting since the middle of august so this group wasn't really the beginning for me. I've had a pretty tough week which i won't get into! In case your wondering I put on two pounds, but I'm not gunna beat myself up! I'm gunna use it as motivation to get my act together! As I've seen quite a few people say they've had a bad week I thought I'd talk motivation and what's gotten me out of a rut before now.

1. Think about why you started this journey in the first place

2. Online window shop all the clothes you wish you could wear for inspiration, especially do this if your hungry because believe me once you've finished trawling the net you won't be!!

3. Talk to someone! a problem shared is a problem halved and I'm sure they will have plenty of encouragement to offer you! I find having a natter with my mum always helps

4. Research new exercise's, new recipes and inspirational quotes online to get you buzzing to continue on your journey. Freshening up your routine/plan can do wonders

5. Write up your plan/goals, even if you've done it before, do it again! You'll be surprised at how motivated you feel to put that plan into action!

6. Talk to one of the people from this group! I know I will be happy to chat to any one of you if you're feeling a little lost or feel like giving up, just drop me an email or comment :).

7. Remind yourself of how far you've come, even a pound/muscle gain (depending on your goal) is a step in the right direction and an amazing one at that! You should be proud!!

There you have it, seven different tips, one for each day of the week! believe in yourself, you got this!


Ellie Fleet said...

This is a great post, me and my boyfriend have recently started dieting.exercising. I get so hungry though, I love the idea of clothes shopping for inspiration though. Thanks for this post! :)
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Jessica said...

Hey! Great motivational post :) you know if you drink green tea in a morning or whenever you're feeling hungry it will suppress your appetite? So you're less likely to want to snack on things through the day! And plus green tea has heaps and heaps of health benefits so it's a win win :)

Amy Tibble said...

I brought some green tea the other day, yet to try it, must get my bum in gear!! x

Amy Tibble said...

Thank you! :) x

Roxanne Louise said...

Excellent motivational post.Every 1lb lost is worth it! Wishing you all luck!!